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Surf Report.


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  • 10 years later...

Barrelling forever ....... what a ride.


I've been watching Peter Mel's ride for a couple of days. Doesn't look so special until you look at dozens of other Mavericks rides.

What thickness of wetsuit did he have ? Looks about 10mm ....... Michelin man stuff. I've been in some west coast water ..... it's absolutely freezing, even colder than Arctic circle water in Finland !!!




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Yep, I agree with that... Mavericks looks like just another wave. ... Until. OK so it is 50 ft. and also he wasn't towed by jetski, which makes it all the more remarkable. Such power



The tube footage .... I found myself leaning in. I've been in a tube, but not like that. Maybe 1/27th!?!?

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