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In reply to: AgentCooper on Sunday 29/10/06 06:41pm

If anyone is watching this stock, I think you better get on now.

It is starting to attract some buying interest.

I hold...and do not ramp stocks...merely passing on my view that this is a stock which looks very interesting for those who like quality explorers.


I posted the above on AUgust 20 when the stock was 58c.


Currently 94c.... +62% with little fanfare.


Please someone...anyone..who reads Share Scene...tell me I'm not just talking to myself http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


I hope someone besides me got on board?



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In reply to: AgentCooper on Monday 20/11/06 12:35pm

Hi Coop. You are not alone.


I got on at 50c and am bemused at the big incremental rises and subsequent pull backs. Particularly irrespective of news.


My broker emphasised that this is a greenfields play and given attractive results would outperform.


Appears more to come if we have got this far without huge news.

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Hi Neil


If you look at the people behind this one then I would suggest this is a stock you hold with the same seriousness that you play musical chairs.


I would try very hard not to get caught without a seat when the music stops.


I made some coin out of KIM but I have major reservations about the construction and listing of BLI and the ripping out of additional directors fees for doing much the same thing as KIM on much the same ground.


The run of the stock has been spectacular and no doubt they have located themselves in the right place at the time.

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They saved this one for the final presentation at Friday's Rising Resource Stars conf on the Gold Coast. Well - hype was big on the MD's agenda.

No doubt they have found a very rich deposit & are milking it to the extreme. Noted was that 3 drill rigs are working 24/7, with a 4th on it's way, to prove up a Jorc Res by eoy.

He also stated that Bell Potter have just finished some due dilligence last week & have slapped a $46 val on them.

Yeah right!!! That's a big call without anything definite on size & grades. They haven't even started on a mine plan yet.

Go with the flow for sure, but be carefull of the hype.

Like Wolv says, have your own chair ready.


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Thanks wolv, it is probably the biggest fish I have caught.


Everything you said is true, I was very aware of the people behind SFR and their knowledge of "the game".


what set my radar off was the way they punched down those vertical holes all around that one angled hole, bit odd for a greenfield exploration grid. The clues were in the update on the 30th April...


It was hard to buy though, it was very illiquid then, when I bought my first parcel the spread was ~40%... but she came off big time.


I remember we made some good money on that dog FCN few years back, might be worth keeping an eye on her again... early days though.

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