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In reply to: ballcrusher on Tuesday 05/10/04 07:44pm

I'm watching.


They have smart people on board as shareholders...not always easily discerned from reading Major Shareholder lists. Stock has been going gang busters and still trending upwards.


I'm happy to hold this one while they get on with the business of finding high mineralisations in gold, copper, whatever.


I think holders will do very well with this one. They don't make much fuss...just get on with business.



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In reply to: AgentCooper on Tuesday 25/07/06 01:05pm

If anyone is watching this stock, I think you better get on now.


It is starting to attract some buying interest.


I hold...and do not ramp stocks...merely passing on my view that this is a stock which looks very interesting for those who like quality explorers.


And don't worry...I won't be selling just yet.



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In reply to: AgentCooper on Sunday 20/08/06 09:01pm

Hi Coop,


Yeah, bought a few recently on the back of the sample results released to the market on the 10th.


Not a full bottle on this company, more a case of interesting results, some solid buying around important T/A levels, so dip a toe in and go from there.


Actually meant to ask around this weekend about those Mt. Boggola grab samples, wasn't to sure about those 20% copper readings? I am no geo but I thought you could only get those kind of Cu readings through concentrates?


Am I missing something here?



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In reply to: AgentCooper on Monday 21/08/06 04:00pm

Hi Coop,


Looks like Argonaut were keen to get on the registry.


Not like SFR needed the cash, hence the no-discount placement price I guess.


Nice vote of confidence, was lucky enough to still be buying stock the day before the halt.


I have exposure to ROY through the long-dated options Coop (ROYOA), still a bit unsure about the size and grades of any heamatite deposits they may find but encouraged by the lack of impurities so far.


Very early days though, so a real punt for sure but if they do start showing the market some interesting results I would be in on the ground floor I guess.



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In reply to: neutron on Monday 28/08/06 12:53pm



It is clear to me SFR are excited by what they have under their belt otherwise they would not have been able to place stock at market price. I am looking forward to further news from their drilling which they said commenced around mid-August.


Am happy to hold this one for awhile yet.


PS: I also have some ROY - picked up 100,000 about 3 weeks ago. Hopefully they will find something big.



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In reply to: AgentCooper on Monday 28/08/06 03:41pm

No-one watching this?


Up from mid-50s to 80c in a few weeks as drilling activity hots up. May come under pressure from profit takers next week but they have a lot of news flow due out in coming weeks - refer recent announcements.


Gold exploration at Dulgoona, WA; copper exploration at Borooloola, NT and uranium exploration at Yannarie, WA.


If the resources sector continues to heat up, then SFR could be a flyer.


I hold. DYOR



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In reply to: AgentCooper on Saturday 14/10/06 03:53pm

This thing as only just started. Smart money has been reading the Qrtrly report...what did they find?


To recap:Doolgunna Project, August RAB Drilling done at the Cow Hole Bore, East Shed Well & Old Highway Holes and results reported.


Cow Hole returned 4m intervals of 5.5 g/t & 7.4 g/t at a depth of just 20/30m!


Same at East Shed Well - 14m nterval at 10g/t at a depth of a mere 14 metres. ANd at Old Highway they had a 2m intersection of over 3 g/t.


For those who haven't done their homework the Cow Hole Bore and East Shed Well holes are 10kms apart. Old Highway is a further 10km west of East Shed Well.

So, these results are spread out over a VERY large area at at quite shallow depths.


If you go back to the June qrtrly...read some of the drillng results there:they had a 48m interval that returned 5.9 g/t INCLUDING within that drill results, an intersection of 16m at 11 g/t.


People should start joining the dots....


And this s just the Doolgunna GOLD prospect.


Doesn't anybody beside me wonder why this company seemed to have virtually ZERO trouble raising $4m at 55c - virtually a NIL discount to the market price at the time? It's because the prospects were so outstanding.


And what about the SPP back in May...unlike many companies who set a record date AFTER announcing a SPP, SFR announced a SPP and then made the record date PRIOR to the trading halt...in other words...if you weren't already "IN", you couldn't jump on and get an entitlement below market. Why? Becasue...again...they knew they would have no trouble getting the funds they needed, such was the quality of their prospects.


Now....let's think about Borroloola for a moment....a completely separate project in the NT where drilling has only just started.


We only have visual estimates of the first 2 holes so far but it could be that the assays will be very good based on the comments in the Quarterly. Time will tell.


People should do their own research...and by that...I suggest they review the last 2 qrtrlys I have just referred to and see for yourself whether I am on the right track.


With the Resource Sector likely to remain hot at least until the new year, SFR could have quite a deal of upside....it has moved from 13c to 93c with ZERO media coverage.


The game has only just begun...



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