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In reply to: smallbear on Monday 09/07/07 11:29am

Zaitech, hit&hope.


Whats the go with this one? It just keeps going......


I have no idea what its worth but would appreciate your thoughts.


Whats an exit strategy? - gains have been great!!!

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In reply to: smallbear on Monday 16/07/07 11:24pm


Latest update looks like a fairly severe cut back in expected output. We were meant to be doing 60,000 ozs this fiscal year but it looks as though it is only going to be 20,000.


It was meant to be up to 100,000 ozs from june 08 to june 09 but we are down to 40-50,000.


Looks as though they are in a very prospective region but they aren't producing the results with labour problems etc.


IMV there is better value out there.

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I was at lunch with a colleague who mentioned this company so I thought I would see what sort of discussion has been going on of late. Well none (for 2 years). Surprisingly in the past two years the SP has risen 400% (???), yet no activity here about that. Whats the go?





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Whats the go?
No idea, Wags :unsure:

If there had been any significant volume late last year, my scans might have picked it up. But as I filter for a minimum daily turnover of $500K, it fell through the cracks.

That aside, it would have been a brave soul to spend any significant amount on a (then) tiddler at a time when the overall market was still in a very gloomy Bear phase. Trading daily by the 10,000's, how would one have exercised a stop-loss should the need arise?


The first volume increase in late January could have sparked some interest - I know a few people that look for volume spikes and trade by the theory "Volume Precedes Price". Again, January would have hardly inspired a big investment. But the breakout in May, when it rose above the $1.60 resistance (blue arrow) could and should have raised a few arms - and posts. Have all our resident gold bugs been asleep? :stun: The latest Quarterly makes even the point that they're debt-free and unhedged. :thumbdown:


Seems a little late now - note the recent Bearish Divergence in MACD. Mind you, the earlier one (September-October) has been terminated, which could have sent a buy signal (last blue arrow) on November 4th. That entry would still be a Long/Hold; but unless the High of MACD in September is exceeded, I wouldn't dare and add - let alone start a new Long position at current levels.




The weekly chart doesn't add much to the above, except reiterating the point about last December. If only the eggspurts had been awake and suggested an entry at 40c. Forget your 400%: it's close to 1,000% profit from there :grrr:



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