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Yes I am a bit jealous about not being in SYR, it is a great story.......and yes you got to $2 first, but considering you started at over $1 and I started at 28c I shouldnt get too upset as my return in MAD is about 300% versus your 100% in SYR so at $4 (double the current price ) you will have caught up assuming MAD has not gone anywhere.......Next you will be saying what a winner you are for getting to $34 first......after you buy BHP!!!
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My average was bang on 80c with SYR until I bought another 30,000 at $1.42 average. I have since bought some more and currently sit on 88c average.

My comment on the race to $2 was when both stocks were over $1 and I said in jest I would give you a head start as MAD was higher at that stage. It was only a fun comment.


I'm glad CSE pulled the deal. Too expensive as both companies have run hard. Tom was saying he'll revisit the deal when "Syrah is valued by the market closer to it's real value". He agrees SYR is VERY undervalued at $2. Mate, SYR could easily supply 200,000 tonnes of premium flake graphite per annum at a ridiculously low cash cost.....something less than $300/tonne. Strip ratio is zero.

Back of envelope free cash flow of $400M per annum. I think that's worth a LOT more than the current $250M market cap don't you?

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I dont disagree with anything you say about syr, there is no doubt it is a great stock.......and no doubt significant gains to come...rightly or wrongly I felt more comfortable with where my money was at the time.....
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