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You guys should realise there are high grade pods (+20%TGC) at Balama that will supply the world's graphite needs for the next three generations at least. SYR also have enough drill holes to "JORC" this by early January so "conceptual" is the official terminology but JORCed it will be.

SYR's newly appointed marketing manager presented in London Tuesday night. Offtake agreements wont be far away.......where will that leave other graphite hopefuls?

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Yes but by may calculations assuming SYR and TLG have the amounts suggested TLG'S size will be 15 to 20% size of SYRS. Add also the iron ore aspect and future demand for graphite and whatever China does with regards to their supply and let's see. Need to see the project dynamics of both projects and remember who'll be producing first, who is in the safest country and has the best infrastructure in place.


Your post suggesting the 7 million tonnes was imo misleading given the figure you gave for SYR and is better reflected using the TLG figures posted by others. Given these figures and the price of both stocks, TLG should be imo at least 50 to 100% higher with regards to the share price to truely reflect SYR'S price! :biggrin:

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I'm suggesting that figure is on the basis of interpretation of the releases by the Company with 200 million being the high end. I'm using a similiar anaylsis to what I assumed you used on the basis of your figure which is in SYR'S releases. :biggrin: Roll on 50 cents!
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Interesting 1st quarter of 2013 coming up! Pending: Drilling aimed to expand size and JORC category to Indicated status and potential >10 year mine life planned for Q1 2013. :biggrin:



Don't have access to this full story:



January 08, 2013



Talga Bags A Graphite Elephant In The Snows Of Northern Sweden

By Our Man in Oz


If there really is room for only two-to-four new graphite mines in a market where 100 potential players are jockeying for a position then one company stands out at the head of the queue: Talga Resources.



Talga is probably a new name to most Minesite readers, but was one of the top presenters at London Mines and Money in December, and a star at a separate Graphite conference in the same week.

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