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Talha has released the DFS for the anode project. Described as robust, there's a 24 year mine life and good margins.


Whether anticipated battery demand materialises in the future is the issue. And other producers jumping on board.

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Talga made a presentation to a conference, another technology seminar.




the content is similar to most of the others, incremental release of information. One sharp eyed punter elsewhere ( bas ) noticed that they expected the anode plants to be operational from 2024. His memory was that there would be production from possibly 2022 to 2023.

Probably picked up by analysts, and why the SP is troughing low... $1.27.. Below recent cap raise. $1.20 had better hold as it had been tested quite a few times.

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and recently:

Talga Supersizes Graphite Target in Sweden


• Growth strategy initiated across the Talga graphite projects in Sweden towards expanding resource base amid surging electric vehicle and battery demand

• New surveys substantially increase JORC Exploration Target at flagship Vittangi project to 170 to 200 million tonnes at 20 to 30% graphite (extending from existing Mineral Resources). Note that the potential quantity and grade of the Exploration Target is conceptual in nature, there has been insufficient exploration to estimate a Mineral Resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in the estimation of a Mineral Resource

• Major drill programs commencing at Vittangi, with other Talga graphite projects and regional targets to follow.


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Life Cycle Assessment Highlights Talga's World Leading Green Battery Anode



Life Cycle Assessment shows the Talga flagship battery anode product, Talnode®C, is world's greenest graphite anode

• This initial LCA into Talga's planned lithium-ion battery anode production in Sweden was completed by Hitachi ABB Power Grids

• Production of Talnode®-C emits 96% less greenhouse gas than incumbent EV battery anode produced in China

• Equivalent to a reduction of ~2,900,000 tonnes of CO2 per million EVs produced

• Results show 86% of Talnode®-C production emissions are inherited from external suppliers, allowing for further optimisation through strategic procurement processes

• LCA accords to ISO 14040 - 14044 standards and the German Association of Automotive Industry principles for data collection

helped lift TLG today, but is it enough to get end users across the line? Definitely focusing on Europe, with its higher standards, should assist. But $1.45 is only where the recent placement was at.

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Depth Extension Drilling Commences at Europe's Largest Graphite Resource


• Testing of resource depth extensions underway at Vittangi Graphite Project in Sweden, the source of the world's greenest Li-ion battery anodes

• Depth extension drilling expected to be completed by mid-October, with study of assay results beginning in Q4 2021

• Follows geotechnical and measured resource drilling programs completed this month at Nunasvaara South, the initial development within the Vittangi project


....The drilling campaign and the Niska Scoping Study are a result of significant external commercial interest in Talga green graphite anodes for Li-ion batteries. Engaged customers annual demand, including current expressions of interest and targeted 2025 anode supply, now exceeds 14 times the 19,500tpa Talnode® C production capacity outlined in the Vittangi Anode Project DFS (ASX:TLG 1 July 2021). By 2030, engaged customers’ demand is estimated to exceed 50 times the DFS capacity with 30% of this demand coming from European manufacturers.


Confidential qualification processes using Talnode® samples have increased to 62 active programs across 48 customer engagements. Talga is now working directly with 11 automotive companies and the majority of announced battery manufacturers in Europe under advancing qualification and procurement processes.

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ABB and Talga Expand Agreement to Mine Electrification


Talga aims to electrify its underground mining operations when it reaches the expansion phase of its Swedish battery anode operations. This electrification strategy will be explored by ABB and Talga under the expanded MoU, focusing on the ABB Abilityâ„¢ eMine portfolio of solutions. Under the MoU, ABB will also extend its industrial automation and electrification expertise to include next-level production and process control solutions for Talga's initial operation.


In addition, ABB will work with Talga on front end engineering and design for the development and construction of commercial 100,000tpa graphite concentrator operations at Vittangi, a 19,500tpa anode production plant at Luleå and earlier ramp-up stages/production qualification modules. The commercial FEED stages are due for completion June 2022, with the intent to execute binding agreements with ABB for subsequent construction and operations.


.......... & aiming for a zero carbon mine.

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Talga is finding it hard to reach escape velocity. The shareprice is increasing very slowly which reflects surges on news then selling back down a bit. The capital raise of $1.45 seems to be a hard one to get past. Today is a bit over $1.50, with an Ann;


• Trial mining commenced at Niska South, part of the Talga Vittangi graphite project

• Bulk natural graphite ore from trial mine to be refined into Liion battery anode in customer trials for electric vehicle market

• First stage excavation reveals high grade zones at shallower depth than expected


The raw ore will be processed and refined into the flagship Li-ion battery anode product Talnode®C, for large scale qualification trials in EV batteries.

So, still ramping up, getting volume increases (this trial for an approx. 2,500 tonne sample of natural graphite) and paying attention to quality of end product.


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Next Steps
• Project financing process and Joint Venture partner discussions progressing on track

• EVA plant construction and commissioning

• Drilling results

• Customer and commercial product developments

• Silicon anode expansion and commercialisation options

• Divestment of legacy iron ore and cobalt copper projects in Sweden


Construction of the Talga Electric Vehicle Anode  qualification plant in northern Sweden continues with key anode production equipment in transit to site or nearing completion by European and Japanese manufacturers.  Global container handling delays have impacted the delivery date of the EVA kiln, pushing  back delivery by 2 to 4 weeks.  Shipping is projected to continue to experience significant disruption, however the Company expects to still meet its original timeline to start EVA commissioning in Q4 2021 with full commissioning completed in Q1 2022. 


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