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I will bet you are correct, it is a dummy bid, so someone can get out.



With the amount of shares traded this morning thus far, you would naturally expect the S/P to rise a lot more, as I said


it is a dummy bid, I sold out this morning, and will wait until the S/P comes down before re entering, hopefully it does.





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I'll wait just a bit longer. Market cap at a dollar just under 50 million so imo relative to others and having regards to their resource etc I think that is at the very least justified. Market will let me know whether I'm right or wrong. :biggrin: As always please dyor.
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Don't know where you are in the world but generally 10.44am on the 8th of May 2012 is ahead of 2.28pm on the 8th of May 2012!


And I still can't take credit as it was initially posted on another site. :biggrin:




"Can't take credit for it's posting ...." - actually melua had posted it in SYR thread a few days ago, here at SS.


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A Very Good Report. MME.



News Due Next Week.



Results of the Assay & Metallurgical work, this is going on the companies Announcement


released to the ASX on the 28th of march, which stated the results will be released in


eight to ten weeks, we already know the grade, the flake size is very important, if this is to


the positive, and they get the permit to drill, then we are off and running, imho that is


why the s/p is parked where it is, fingers crossed.


I have been accumulating between 35 -43 cents,i have a very reasonable holding, also I have


searched the TLG website looking for the Top 20 to 50 shareholders but can not find it, if tou


have it could you post it, I have emailed the company for a updated version, but have not


had a response.


Also, did you have a look at the share that I told you about.





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have a listen to yesterday's BRR Broadcast. Summarising:

- TLG now owns Swedish leases 100%


- looking at finance options for rapid development (ASAP) of graphite resources planning output of 20-40 Thousand Tonnes pa concentrate through a centralised crusher


- 20 year mine life at these rates; from 3-4 deposits and looking to extend the resources


- graphite price not in a bubble and, talking to end users, demand is there and growth is at 5% yoy

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