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response to ASX speeding ticket - nix


on the 24th April, there was another ASX Ann. with presentation notes - I thought the further info added to the general picture; also TLG dressing the company up for disposal of non core (all but Swedish graphite) assets


P16: further comment on graphene... esp the enhanced market possibilities(the new rebar? the new composite compounds?)

  • Exponential growth apparent in graphene patents a proxy for growing use.
  • Market in infancy thus predictions of the value of graphene markets range widely from approximately $140M to more than $1B depending on source.
  • Similar to graphite, different applications require different qualities of graphene i.e. particle size and purity.
  • It is not just high tech applicable. Research has demonstrated small amounts of graphene (0.5%-5%) mixed into bulk commodities such as cement (world annual consumption 3,300Mt), iron (840Mt), plastics (100Mt) and aluminium (45Mt) can provide exponential increase in strength and conductivity, increasing efficiency/weight savings and commercial applications.
  • Over EU$2.5B in graphene research funding has been launched in the EU (incl. Sweden) alone in last 12 months
P17 is interesting in that the European Supply chain/ end use is outlined. Very positive if TLG is talking to these people - all European, not Asian, supplied ex-Africa, for eg.. ... but it may just be a market summary of potential customers


P22 - 27 has active list of assets for sale - Swedish iron ore & Cu / WA gold .... actively 'touting' for buyers. This may well be the purpose of the presentation; with the CEO (and major shareholder) shopping those assets to all and sundry?

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my takeouts from http://www.brrmedia.com/event/123352

Key comments:

- Talga S/P cheaper than average of ASX listed graphite juniors (based on resource size?)

- the highest grade graphite deposit in world allows for quarrying of ore and processing which leads to direct separation and liberation of Graphite without crushing or grinding

- in same process about 10% of graphite converts into Graphene < essentially a by-product of the process >

- 1 mm of graphite has 3 million layers (one atom wide) of Graphene

- this process has profound impact on the economics of Talga's Swedish graphite deposits


Steps taking now

1) proving what they saw for this process in the lab can operate on a bigger scale

2) taking graphene and graphite samples to European end users to get some commercial feedback

3) combining 1 & 2 in a scoping study expected to be underway in the next quarter (a world first dual graphite/ graphene scoping study)

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