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During 2011 Talga Gold Ltd subsidiary Talga Mining P/L pegged 100% of exploration permits in Sweden containing

Graphite projects including JORC Code Compliant Inferred Resource Estimate and Exploration Targets.


During Q1 2012 Talga entered an option agreement with Teck Resources Limited to purchase 100% subsidiary TCL Sweden Ltd.

For option details see Appendix 4 and ASX release TLG: 28 Feb, 2012.


TCL contains complementary assets including iron, graphite and iron oxide copper-gold projects with JORC Code Compliant Inferred Resource Estimates and Exploration Targets for Iron and Graphite.

One deposit is amorphous and the other: >85% of graphite flake averages "Fine/Medium" to "Jumbo" size.

Preliminary hydrometallurgy test upgrades graphite to 99.06 %C in low temperature circuit


Next Steps

Re-sample historic drill core for more detailed graphite characterisation and metallurgy

Due diligence on permits and TCL Sweden Ltd acquisition

Commence drilling at Nunasvaara

Complete new resource statements

Commence scoping study


Market Cap is $13mill, with $3mill in cash @ Dec 2011

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Talga gets a write-up in today's Weekend Fin Review, on p22, concerning their graphite resource in Sweden


8 permits, drilling showing up known resources, but not proven up to modern standards*, including 3.6mil Tonne at 23%TGC at Nunasvaara (whch is the highest grade Graphite deposit in the world)


a few stray facts:

- about 40kg of Graphite in each Li-ion battery in modern electric cars

- average cost to put mines into production at $50mill.

- their radio broadcast made a few weeks ago - rail is nearby, roads are within 5km, as is electricity grid, there are multiple ports with spare capacity, close by in Nth Sweden and Norway. Stable govt with favourable disposition to sensible minerals exploitation

- must make agreement with local Sami reindeer herders - the local traditional owners


Talga is doing a roadshow this week to brokers and 'the investment community'. TLG is a $13mill company; and the initial basis for its float- WA gold acreage- has been put on the back-burner, while they pursue the Graphite option. (N Sweden has extensive and well mined iron ore and is a region of interesting mineralisation and historic mines). The Graphite in Sweden was held by a Teck Resources tenement, but TLG put in a bid and now has an option over the leases - with a small payment plus 1% smelter royalty.


The metallurgical processes of Graphite extraction seems quite complex; not all deposits may be suitable.



* The JORC Code compliant Exploration Targets are not to be construed as JORC Code compliant Mineral Resources. The JORC Code compliant Exploration Targets are based on historic diamond drill testing, airborne and ground geophysics, trench and bulk sampling conducted by the Geological Survey of Sweden and associated state companies that pre-date the creation of the JORC Code and so the potential quantity and grade of the Exploration Targets is classified conceptual in nature. There has been insufficient exploration to define a JORC Code Mineral Resource and it is uncertain if further exploration, metallurgy and interpretation will result in the determination of a JORC Code Mineral Resource.


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I read the article too and did a bit of research.


Bought a small amount this morning. Appears to me to be the cheapest graphite play at present with good upside potential imo. :biggrin:


As usual please do the usual research.

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Worth a read. Enjoyed page 23 and 24

market thinks so - up to 60c on a growing realisation.

..... make that 61c.


Next Steps in 2012 - Sweden graphite

Re-sample historic drill core for more detailed graphite characterisation and metallurgy - DONE

Complete diligence and TCL Sweden Ltd acquisition

Commence drilling to uplift status of inferred resources

Commence drilling to uplift Exploration Targets into JORC status

Complete new resource statements and commence scoping and economic studies

Explore strategic and offtake partners

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and running...... made it to 70c today and closed at Buy 66c ~ Sell 68c


the reason: Refocus and new emphasis of the company, as per the Announcement & outlining Next Steps in earlier post, has switched to Graphite

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Hi there. Weekend AFR paid for it's self for about 30 years with this one for me! LOL!


Broadroom presentation aside from projects and low market cap relative to it's peers drew me to this one. I think it was Mark THOMPSON in the BRR. Gee he spoke well and seemed to know his stuff! :biggrin:

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