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I know Nifty its making me vomit I just cant cash up yet. The only concern I have with them is how are they going to transport the coal from the Gallilee Basin as it looks like Gina Rhindheardt is selling out to the Indians because it is costing over 3 billion to build a rail so I wouldnt fancy our chances of getting an allocation. If we have direct transport then we dont have any problems, like I am talking like I actually own some shares - just wishful thinking but it may not be too late.
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Regal Funds Management P/L.



Have increased their holdings from 35,156,738 = 8.38% To 48,196,235 =11.2%.

All shares were purchased between 75c & $1.


Investors were sucked into selling, but I purchased twice today and will again on monday.


There are a few big announcements coming up, and you watch the s/p take off.





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Hi Simmo .... hope you got their measure thats all . Must admit I thought my AGO was going so bad lately so sold a bit and bought GUF and CTM and since then they all bombed.


As you say I guess nobody would be buying a chunk of them if they thought it was going nowhere, I did wonder if the carbon tax got to GUF but as they also in Mongolia I thought they could possibly fiddle th books to distribute from over there anyway if they had to, and the carbon tax won be in too long, if it stays in I am confident it will be greatly reduced that is if we ever get the commies out of gov.

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