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Hi Ladies and Gents Captain cranswick and frodo Hi World LOL


I think they should ban quarterly report and just let's have one annual report LOL Every one of my stocks with quarter report today is smashed and that really sucks LOL Even those with great results are being punished and that's not fair :devilsmiley:


Market is kind of similar to my ex GF. Never ever satisfied even with great performance LOL,,,,LOL Never mind Life wasn't meant to be easy. It was meant to be fun LOL


Have a Glorious weekend All




Confucius said: Thank God its Friday

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Listen you lot its the dam rain here in Qld, Nifty the dust has settled, a bit too much its like clug, and that is the only reason for the drop it was just same with CAP they got the same project/area so when it stops raining and they can get back on the job it will all be ok, nothing wrong with the stock ....ps. I didnt jinx it :ph34r:
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