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Picked up some more of these @ 46 only to see them fall further!


I held the line,believed in what I had researched, a Company now on the move...


Nice to see then sales in the mid fifties today!


Happy holder!



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Hi nifty49.



Today they have hit a high of 62.5, back @61C @ the moment.


This stock is going to be awesome, the company ann the other day that they have instigated the mining of the


east pit at Gobi.


The shares are in the draw so to speak, with four brokerage houses having buys on them at present, also inside trader


has them as a stock to buy.


By this time next year or around xmas time, I expect the shares, going on current ann to be around $1.50 to $1.70 p/s.








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I received a number of alerts from recent Trinity scan for GUF, but chose to ignore them.

Looking back at precedents, I noticed that Volume spikes have, more often than not, preceded further drops.




If someone can come up with a compelling explanation - maybe summarise recent announcements or promises - I might keep it on watch. Otherwise though, the last two candles, forming a Harami, look just as Bearish to me as the Dark Cloud Cover on May 10-13 and the Bearish Engulfing on April 30th to May 1st.

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