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In reply to: BSA on Thursday 20/01/05 09:04am




seems there is a lot of interest of late in NMC.


Possible take over target for Strata?


Pour commencing this year.....


Aim to start paying dividends....


Funding by Westpac in place.....



They could rap her up for 10 cents a share.....BARGIN!!!!


What do you think?



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QUOTE (kiril @ Wednesday 19/01/05 11:22pm)

Hi kiril, Strata Mining at 3.1c have a market cap of only $0.79 million, NMC at 6.2c have a market cap of $14 million - this would indeed be a brilliant reverse takeover don't you think, no chance of course.

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Nice point Grebmoolb.


Perhaps a few of us should get together and buy Strata....and then we would own 25 odd percent of NMC.


Re your comments......some thought it was a bold move with little old Burns Philp buying Goodman Fielder......but it happened.


Have to agree with you though.





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QUOTE (kiril @ Thursday 20/01/05 12:25am)

Hi kiril, having looked further into Strata Mining they do seem to be a confident super minnow. Their purchase of Elard when completed would increase their market cap. by up to $3.7 million with options included.


The reason for Strata's low market cap may be the overheads with a recent passing of the maximum $300,000 per annum directors salary proposal.


Would they dare offer shares in Strata Mining for NMC., - having followed Miller for a while nothing is impossible in his eyes - what's he up to though ?

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In reply to: ohmyme on Thursday 20/01/05 12:51am

Hi ohmyme, that's what happens when I trust investorweb without thinking or checking properly - thanks.


The market cap of NMC is indeed $61 million and the market cap. of Strata Mining including Elard is about $16 million.

Strata own about 15% of NMC, SBM own 16% of NMC ( Claymore Capital have an option on 9% of these ), and Ocean Resources obtain 4.3% of NMC on the SBM conversion.

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