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I mentioned this on the UKD thread


looking at the weekly candle chart it looks like a cup and handle pattern forming since early april. A close above 18c will mark a break - it has tried and failed above 18c during this period. May fail again this week but I think it pending and may take another couple of week to complete (just traded above break at 18.5c as I write).

All candles since the weekly candle of the 03/04/06 have been inside days so it has a fair consolidation period with an uptrend base.




Aside from everything else falling in to place for THX - THX holds 21,350,000 UKD heads (21%ish) and 12,116,667 20c ops purchased July @ 2c.


Todays UKD move if sustained adds around $1,000,000 to THX investment in UKD (listed in THX ann report last year at 16c) and its options position taken in July'06 is also show an improvement of 400% @10c - about $1,000,000.


THX market cap at 39c is around $30,000,000.


At around 21c UKD heads 10c UKD ops and 39c THX heads - THX's investment in UKD represents around 20% of THX's capital value.


My 2 bobs worth anyway.





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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Monday 24/04/06 08:49am

With qtrly report imminent, and UKD [THX hold 28%] hitting 26c [12 month high] it's not surprising to see buyer strength increasing.


Was able to add to my holdings yesterday at the "close" at 42.5c. Traded as high as 46.5 from memory.


Seems "buy at the close - not the open" is the way to go, as a few bunnies decide to get out because no announcement that day.

7 day SMA has crossed to be above 14 day SMA so looks encouraging to go above the previous spike of 48c.

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In reply to: Waterfront on Friday 20/10/06 12:13pm

this stock is waiting for something to make it pop, or waiting for something otherwise it'll drop


pop n drop


i'm hoping for the former



either with nickel or platinum one would say


uranium drilling a bit of a ways off.

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end of business chart from friday.


Comments appreciated.


As you say Halba - needs something to pop it and am hoping for the same in the near term - announcements pending IMO.


Looks like more sideways atm with some selling down late friday arvo. I'd luv to see a close above 44c this week - ideally nearer to 50c http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif . Who knows.




I hold a few THXO.


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