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Mark Scott (chair of JRL) appears to have taken his fat from the EME sale and has parlayed it into THX with two of his controlled holdings in the top 20.


He gets the upside of any new Ngalia regional drilling, the Thunderball very high grade prospect and Copernicus.

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Hi mpl


I added a few at 38 but took the quick trade on them for mid 40's a few days later. I am pretty comfortable buying into this run although I haven't added to my current holding yet.


I reckon we are in agreement that we are pretty much within a cent or so of something good, if we are wrong we can just fudge it a bit.....politician style.

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I don't see .54 being much of a hindrance on the dly. It's only touched it once, so doesn't carry much weight imo. Already passed it intraday today to .545 & I find it if goes there once it'll usually do it again. Vol today is the key for me.

As for the wkly or monthly, resis is at diff points along the way, so no actual stumbling block for everyone to agree on at the same time/level. Weakens the effect.


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They may be starting up Copernicus, they may intend selling the stake soon, they may feel there is higher value to be had in 18mths.


THX bosses have have more information at hand than I do.


Nevertheless it doesn't make much sense to me to clean up the structure and then leave a Ni asset in there.

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