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thx will be producing soon. it would well outshine UMC for share price gains in the short term.


nickel price down but so is aussie dollar. umcs run will also help. thx has some catchup and bounce back in it. it will happen.


oppies a big bargain at current levels

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cant believe there are no risk takers for a small outlay on those oppies under .09. may be slightly overpriced in this market, but only a cent or two and gives a quick exposure to a stock that is going to recover quickly in the new year. nickel price up, dollar down, copernicus stockpiling ore as i type and umc due to come into play big time with new discoveries and some great corporate action behind the scenes. straw hats in winter. wish i had more cash. i hold and am hungry for more. the obama bounce is coming.



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More good news, still no movement :wacko:


Thundelarra Exploration is pleased to announce that

preliminary results from a recently commenced ground

radiometric survey indicate significant extensions to the

Thunderball uranium prospect. The detailed survey is testing

for a south-west extension of Thunderball into the adjacent

tenement, EL23509. Thundelarra secured an option to acquire

a 100% interest in EL23509 in early December 2008.

The survey is showing that strong radiometric anomalism

extends to at least 400 metres south west and along strike of

the original Thunderball discovery. The anomaly has returned a

peak radiometric reading on the 25 metre survey grid of 3,674

counts-per-second (cps) total count. Spot spectrometer

readings of up to 34,500cps total count and 3,756ppm

equivalent uranium were recorded locally (between survey grid

lines) using an Exploranium G135 instrument.

The ground radiometric survey results are highly encouraging

as they indicate a much higher order of radiometric anomalism

than the initial Thunderball anomaly which returned peak grid

radiometric results of 1,078cps total count. The Thunderball

prospect was drilled during 2008 producing significant downhole

uranium intercepts, including 3 metres at 2,964ppm U3O8,

3 metres at 938ppm U3O8 and 3 metres at 1,001ppm U3O8

(ASX Announcement 21 January 2009). Mineralisation consists

of pitchblende and secondary uranium oxides along shears

within siltstones and tuffs assigned to the Proterozoic Mt

Bonnie Formation.

Initial reconnaissance geological mapping shows that the new

anomaly lies along the same geological-structural zone as

Thunderball, although the anomaly itself is covered by colluvial

and residual soils and no outcrop has as yet been located.

Thundelarra anticipates completing the detailed and extensive

ground radiometric survey within EL23509 by the end of

February 2009. Follow-up exploration including drilling will

commence after the summer monsoon.


salts (son)

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Latest ann of renounceable rights issue gives 1 share for 4 held at 9.5 cents pus one free option for each of the 3 shares taken up 20 cent op exp 2013. I am new to trading and have never dealt in options could some one explain what you do with these options ie when can you sell them , how, etc. Thanks for any insight into this offer . I am still not sure if I will take up the offer.
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The options will more then likely be listed which means you can sell them on market. Currently THX have THXO listed, strike price 19cents, expiring June 09. Renouncable rights issue means you can sell your rights on market. code will more then likely be THXR
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all about to happen at thx .....


crept up to .155 this week and umc is in play. could well see big gains in coming two months ahead of thxo option expiry.


u drilling, nickel prices up, copper prospects, and corporatee action. UMC in play etc etc

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