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In reply to: Jay on Sunday 15/06/08 04:07pm

I think I have always shown a large degree of humility. On this topic, I have merely taken you to task on your insults. And yet even now you continue to take little digs. So your talk of humility is interesting mate.



I got back on board THX Monday and Tuesday. Very happy with my timing.



PS. You certainly have taught me a few things, for which gratitude was always expressed...... but most of what I know http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/icon14.gif

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In reply to: romaioi on Thursday 19/06/08 02:00am



welcome back R, i propose we keep the thread positive going forward ...


although what the hell is going on with the disconnect between THX and UMC ????


THX now holds almost $50m worth of umc for a market cap of $56m throw in the cash and it means all other projects you get for nothing ...


now this would be fine if copernicus was pie in the sky, but its going to be producing nickey concentrate within a matter of weeks/months ...... the U tenaments are the best going in the NT and probably worth an independent company on their own, and the sophie downs drills look like being ball bursters in time ....


has to be catch up here at some stage ... thx should be trading at .65 right now ... and that would be undervaluing it !!


what's going to be the thing that gets the attention here ??? management really need to ensure the company reflects true worth.




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In reply to: wolverine on Thursday 26/06/08 11:45am

add in the approx $10mill in cash wolv... makes it look even more compelling...

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In reply to: Jay on Thursday 26/06/08 12:05pm

Copernicus NPV is about $30mill also or about 25cps. Sum of the parts equals about 85c imo and you get all the exploration assets for free. We should be somewhere above $1 by now. Market is stupid though. Oh well, when they WAKE up we will be laughing.

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In reply to: wolverine on Thursday 26/06/08 01:17pm


yep frustrating ... i sold some umcos to get into some more thx leverage .. could have waited a week or two for an extra$10k from umc .. doh ... still, matter of time before thx follows suit you would think


cash and umc stake now $63million for a market cap of $58m ..... bizarre.



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We are AWAY imo!! looks so good chart and depth wise... perhaps some lab results have been whispered about Mabel Hill
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In reply to: dylan on Tuesday 01/07/08 01:00pm



umc staked now valued at $47.5million ... THX market cap now $44,4 million .... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif


so undercapitalised by $3million and you get $10m cash, U and base metal leases for free .... oh and a soon to be producing nickel mine .... I mean i know nickel price is down, but they won't be giving it away for free either .....


this one has to catch up at some stage .... hopefully the umc jorc sees a re-rating of UMC and some renewed interest in THX going forward ... THX management say they have already had offers from parties interested in their 20.4m shares in UMC ..... but they plan to sell at a premium .... once umc have their jorc i think it could double from current levels.


So, UMC at $5 would see THX's stake worth $100m+


THX a $1 stock .. and then still undervalued ...


anyway ..... the ongoing drilling at mabel hill et al could also suprise

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