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In reply to: Jay on Tuesday 10/06/08 09:02am

INteresting comparison on reflection:


27th Dec-07

THX 40.5c with Mkt Cap of $46.12m

UMC stake was worth $22.8m (20.4m shares x $1.12 at the time)




11th Jun-08

THX 48.5c with Mkt Cap of $55.24m

UMC stake now worth $40.8m (20.4m shares x $2.00)


Their UMC stake has gone up $18m

Mkt Cap has gone up $9m


Go figure.

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In reply to: AgentCooper on Wednesday 11/06/08 11:07am

grossly undervalued mate. in today's open briefing it states that UMC stake will be sold at a premium also. Makes THX even more compelling. I have been topping up at this level. THX is going above $1 this year imo.


Open briefing attached.


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In reply to: Jay on Tuesday 10/06/08 06:02am

Shouldn't be knew news to you. Been a while since we chatted and I'm not sure if your remember my US trades etc from pre-august and then there's all the other things we discussed, which you should remember all had me well in front. Last time we chatted you said you sold most of your JRL - that was a while back. Before then I told you about other things, CFDs, etc.

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QUOTE (romaioi @ Thursday 12/06/08 10:15pm)

yeah, took most of my jrl off the table above $2, but have reloaded some recently around 90-95c area. Also been buying EME of late too. Not sure where you think I have been selling whilst telling others to buy?? Care to comment??


Good luck with the CFD's, take the money and run. Thats a mug's game.

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In reply to: Jay on Friday 13/06/08 06:28am

Won't be giving up on CFDs any time soon.


above $2? . LOL, you were definitely telling me to hold my JRL above $2. I called a sell on it around 2.50 (though I will admit I was not 100% certain) and you were saying we couldn't coz we would influence the market due to the lack of liquidity etc. Anyway, we all thought it was heading $3+ around then - you were the most positive on that point (from a short term pont of view), or don't you remember.


I won't comment further unless you want me to. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/wink.gif But if you want to "call" somone crap at something, just coz they called in some trading profits, don't expect them to smile and take it up the clacka and not "call" you on it, mate. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/laughingsmiley.gif

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In reply to: romaioi on Saturday 14/06/08 08:11pm



Good luck on the CFD front.


With respect to JRL I was talking about the il/liquidity issue after it had turned and the embedded value in JRL was still much much higher then the share price at the time. My basis that it would go to $3+ was that the company had told us that they had been approached for EME take over and that the value should have come out of the stock when that happened. Technically though, it was pretty overbought above $2.50. There was a buyer for 400k at the $2.20 mark for a couple of weeks so getting out of your tiny position was never a problem should you have wanted to.


When you own a decent stake it is prudent to chip some out along the way, which is what i did.


Anyway I didn't sell any once it had turned, and contrary to your opinion that it was my 112,500 shares for sale at 95 the other week, I was actually the buyer who took him out.


I have the contract notes to prove it should you wish to see them....


Back on the THX front, are you getting back in or this it for you?

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In reply to: Jay on Sunday 15/06/08 06:03pm

PS, I think you are forgetting the couple of people who taught you most of what you know and if had not have been for those you probably would not still be in the game...


just a thought on some humility. A few wins on that CFD rubbish certainly doesnt make you a pro, but good luck with it all the same.

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In reply to: Jay on Sunday 15/06/08 07:07pm



guys lets stick to thx ... its being manipulated (witness dump on low volume to drive it down while umc climbs) and it annoys the hell out of me ...


not long until more good news you would think ... they put out the open briefing and the market yawned. all good stuff for those who wish to do the research. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/grrr.gif

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i guess the UMC stake is now worth about 40c/share at todays close of $2.17 (back of envelope calculation).


so the rest of the goodies in for 8c ie. some nickel production and advanced projects for virtually nothing. sounds good to me.


if UMC stake gets sold for a premium then happy days.

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