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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Sunday 02/04/06 01:41pm


Based on their announcement of 21/3 I had expected an announcement by now.

However, speaking to them yesterday, the 10-14 day timeframe was only an estimate and it's still being worked on by the "legal eagles". That means the time of announcing the settlement is anyone's guess. Worth waiting for though IMHO.


Add THX's exposure to Gold  and Uranium and it's not surpising to see the SP start heading north with the impending announcement of the agreement with SMY on the Copernicus prospect.
Expect this announcement by Wed 5th April.
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The out-of-Court settlement with Sally Malay [sMY] over the extension to the copernicus massive ore body now sees THX well positioned to benefit from the outstanding drilling results SMY announced earlier this month.


SMY's Qtly report, due out any day, will include their estimate and details of extensions to the already significant ore body they are currently mining. Expect it to include the planned drilling for the next qtr, including the JV area with THX.


THX buyer depth is increasing again and, while it will probably take until the June Qtr exploration results from THX and SMY come out to really ignite THX, expect a strengthening in the SP as it rides on the back of the nickel price and SMY's announcements, and it's exposure to uranium, north of the Kimberley Diamond Mine.

DYOR - but with just under 80 mill shares on issue, SMY hitting new highs this morning, ongoing Director buying, THX appears to be a good stock to pick up and sit on for 3-6 months.

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It's amazing Moooo, if THX was called "Thundelarra Uranium" the share price would probably triple, or if they floated tomorrow with those U tenements they wouldn't open at 18c!


Certainly one for the patient, the nickel play appears positive with the legal settlement and the U is a bonus.


No way I won't be holding.



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Recent ShareScene.com Radio Broadcast (Wed, 24 May 2006 2:30PM):


THX - Market Update - Mr Brian Richardson, Executive Director


N.B. ShareScene.com Radio can normally be accessed by the 'RADIO' link, top of every page.



ShareScene.com Radio delivers investor presentations from ASX listed companies. Keep up to date with the latest corporate dealings of the shares you follow. Hear news direct from the source. Listen to directors and investor relations mangers discuss their company, give investor updates and brief on current results. ShareScene.com Radio keeps you informed about company announcements and events, and provides you daily market wraps and industry discussions.


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In reply to: mooomooo on Friday 04/08/06 07:32pm

Some observations from me about THX and THXO last week....


1) All the options that becamse available were bought up quickly on Thurs and Fri last week. Including 1.5mn oppies at 5.5c and 650,000 at 6.3c


2) Further options purchases were there all day on Friday with size no matter - 100k - 200k all taken out out.


3) The buying in the heads looked like organised buying. On Friday afternoon with the heads at 23c there were buyers sitting in depth below the market price for between 400,000 and 600,000 at all levels down to 20c.


4) Sometimes a lot of bids were pulled in unsion at multiple levels causing the SP to come back a few cents at which points all the buy orders came back at the lower levels.


5) This no longer worked from about 3pm on Friday as there were more buyers arriving. After 3pm the buying concentrated at the market price in addition to what was in depth.


6) The bid size was huge all afternoon. There were often 3mn+ on the bid and only 500k on the ask. With most of the bids falling within a few cents of the market price.


7) Points 1-6 lead me to believe someone is builiding a stake.


8) The last ann from THX did not release all the drilling results. The assys from the last 4 holes are due any day now. Will these show excellent grades as well??


9) THX seems to be lifting themselves above other junior explorers as they should actually have their mine up and running by the middle of next year.


10) This will make THX an explorer with a mine - a mine producing low cost nickel when nickel prices are very high and the exploartion programme


11) The company is valued far too low atm at 25c.


I do hold some - I bought options on Friday morning at 6.4c and the heads on Friday afternoon for 21c - so I could be biased.


But do your own research - I think THX should fly in the first half of next week. There is an accumulator with a big budget showing his hand now - great nickel drilling results due from the last 4 holes - and half a year away from getting the mine up and running.


Options 8.4c Friday : Heads 25c Friday


Any comments?????



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