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In reply to: jaym on Monday 18/07/05 02:53pm

i'm still following thx and looking forward to a big increase in share price. they are doing a lot of drilling ( 3 rigs ) so would expect some results to be announced on a fairly regular basis in the very near future. lionore their joint venture partner are going to drill 800m from their side of boundary at the copernicus deposit. if they hit nickel at that depth the sp could spike dramatically.

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Hi folks,


THX ..... off its lows now and January time cycles

are looking quite positive, as well ..... http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif


happy days





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In reply to: yogi-in-oz on Monday 26/12/05 04:59pm


have to agree yogi-oz. Buying depth increasing [5:2] and MD, Phil Crabb has made me a substational amount of $$$ over nearly 20 years. He's a "deal maker" and has had a high profile in WA exploration and mining Companies for a long time. A wealthy man.

Certainly worth taking a postion - I did yesterday!

Go the Crabb

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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Wednesday 08/02/06 01:49pm

buyers are kicking in again, the buy depth goes from strong to weak very often with this one, but looking good today, and high volume for thx! hopefully something good coming

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India - USA Nuclear agreement - expect Aus to follow and supply India Uranium -

So the interest in Uranium stocks will probably be on this morning.

Uranium is secondary to gold, Nickel and Copper at THX, but expect some further interest.

Rick Crabbe continues to buy............


Spinifex Uranium Project

Thundelarra Exploration Ltd has applied for exploration licence 80/3572 (119 square kilometres) covering the Spinifex uranium prospect, located approximately 50 kilometres north of the Argyle Diamond Mine, East Kimberley region, Western Australia (see attached project location map).

The Spinifex prospect was discovered in 1971 during a regional airborne spectrometric survey. Follow up ground checking of the radiometric anomaly revealed the presence of very rich secondary uranium mineralisation in fractures and breccia zones within the Middle Proterozoic Hensman Sandstone. Seven shallow trenches between 0.5 and 1 metre deep and 1 to 3 metres long were blasted into the sandstone in areas of high radioactivity. The trenches cover approximately 120 metres strike of the exposed sandstone.

Systematic channel and grab sampling of the trenches returned some very high grade results. Trench 1 contained the richest mineralisation, with selected specimens collected close to the surface assaying 8.44% U3O8 and 13.5% U3O8. Channel samples collected over 1-2 metre lengths ranged between 0.093% U3O8 and 0.24% U3O8.

Trench 2, located 2.5 metres from Trench 1, also showed high uranium values in selected specimens, ranging from 1.84% U3O8 to 7.5% U3O8. A channel sample from the floor of the trench assayed a significant 1.62% U3O8.

Trenches 3, 4 and 5 returned a best value of 800 ppm over 0.6 metres.

A selected specimen sample from Trench 6, located on the southern scarp and 60 metres from Trench 1, assayed 0.203% U3O8 with little visible mineralisation noted at surface.

A channel sample from Trench 7, located on the eastern scarp assayed 0.247% U3O8 while a selected specimen with little visible mineralisation returned an assay of 0.254% U3O8.

The anomalous area lies within the lower beds of the Hensman Sandstone, the lower member of the sediments of the Carr Boyd Group (Middle Proterozoic) and very close and to the east of the pronounced Revolver Creek fault. The Hensman unit disconformably overlies the siltstones of the Lower Proterozoic Revolver Creek Formation. The exploration target for the area is the sandstone type and the unconformity related uranium mineralisation of the Alligator River style.

No drilling or any other follow up exploration was conducted over the prospect due in part to the remote location and difficult access problems.

It is important to note that the Spinifex prospect was explored prior to the discovery and development of the nearby Argyle diamond mine. Today the prospect is very accessible, with the sealed Great Northern Highway and well formed mine access roads located within 10 kilometres of the tenement boundary.

The Spinifex prospect has the potential to host significant uranium mineralisation associated with the fractured and permeable Hensman Sandstone or with the underlying unconformity between the Middle and Lower Proterozoic sediments. Thundelarra will commence a systematic exploration program over the prospect early in 2006.

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In reply to: samson on Friday 31/03/06 02:17pm


When I spoke to Phil Crabb on 6th Feb, he indicated that they were confident of winning the case being brought against them by Sally Mally [sMY] over the rights to the Copernicus nickel/Copper prospect.


The strong Director buying in Dec/Jan/Feb/Mar added confidence to this belief and I topped up.


The latest announcement about an out-of-Court agreement likely to be struck "with positive outcomes for both THX and SMY" now confirms this.

I would expect that the agreement would see SMY spending their $$ on the planned drilling once the area dries out, to earn a % of Copernicus.


Add THX's exposure to Gold and Uranium and it's not surpising to see the SP start heading north with the impending announcement of the agreement with SMY on the Copernicus prospect.

Expect this announcement by Wed 5th April.


Previous announcements make good reading and with less than 100 mill shares on issue, this run should go past the previous high of 33c.


as always - DYOR.


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