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The chart is PHENOMENAL.

Nice volume on the breakout then the pullback to the breakout point on lower volumes.

Bounce today.

Very textbook stuff.


I'll be in this at 2mrws open.


Jay - as usual you are onto all the winners. Well done bro http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/cool.gif

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In reply to: nizar on Wednesday 18/04/07 11:57pm

looks like a great place to pick a few up Nizar. i managed to grab a few extras yesterday at 52. have you done the fundamental research on THX? looks like it could be a multi-bagger to me!

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Was hoping that THX wouldn't run so soon, been watching from the sidelines for some time! The fundamentals of this are outstanding, and i'd definitely agree with you Jay about being an easy multi-bagger over time.

Crossing my fingers, hoping that i can still pick some up cheap. Spinifex results may be forthcoming based on the recent activity.

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In reply to: nizar on Thursday 19/04/07 10:07am

put in some time doing some research mate, you might even want to hold this one for more then a trade.


ead83, now looks like the time to pay up or miss out to me. just my opinion only of course.


check out VRE as well.

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