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Still can't find a reason.

Having been in & out a couple times while it bounced off 1.26.

Holding atm, as it's pushed through 1.445 resis, then retraced to retest that breakout lev & hold.

Lets see if it can break the next resis lev at 1.52/1.525. If it does, the next lev to watch is 1.75.



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Howdy gents, Having made a killing on REMs recently, I am hoping that Antimony may become the new Rare earth. Originally, I thought antimony was something you paid after a divorce, but it seems I may be mistaken. It has risen recently from around 6,000 a tonne to a record of 12,000 a tonne over the past year.

China treats antimony in the same way it treats REM's that is it has tried to corner the market - about 91% of all antimony is produced by China.

The chinese have put in a bid to by the defunct Queensland Antimony Mines.


The only other mines are the Coimadi in Vic , owned by Canadian interests, and the Hillgrove mine owned by Straits resources.


Northwest Resources recently announced that it had found good pockets of Antimony.


Antimony is often seen in gold/lead/silver deposits, but is not usually produced as a byproduct.

SRL and NWR may be worth a look.



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