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I saw it at the mid to high 40's and thought it had done it's run!! Again the market has somewhat become over exuberant with some stocks, OBL taking the cake last week!



P.S. Always another CXS, OBL, DRM around the corner! :biggrin:

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Like look of this but a bit concerned on timing the entry. Have tried to attach a 12 month chart (first try so see if it works???), that shows the SP currently in a firm downtrend.


Is there any news due likely to turn this around?


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Downtrend started when the vendor escrow period ended. There has been one major seller from the IPO. Until he's finished the stock price is going nowhere but down although the stock has been supported at around $1 for a bit of volume recently. Nearly 3M shares done after the close yesterday at 97c. The seller has got to be close to done.

Let's not forget the stock is still up 5 times from the float price 12 months ago.

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