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happy new year kelt.

look after the guests with thier best stuff, that's the tradition. if you are a blue or green eye "guei lao" , man, they treat you like king!!

i thought, you might feel bit unconfitable with these type of overly warm receiption. glad that you are enjoy it. :P


Xiamen is few city that has really nice weather, and people there are very relax and gentle. but the nearby city not that kind.

i'm sure your wife will tell you few things about that.


for food, no no, no sheeps testicles, it's chiness traditonal viagra, don't try it! hahahahahaa

i think most famours food from Xiamen is "fou tiao qian" { it means it will get buddha jump over the temple's wall if he smells this food}

you have to book it three days before in restarant, takes long time to cook it!!


hungry, i do miss my city some times, but i'm a really a lazy buggar, hate travel. my brother called me not long ago tell me to vist shanghai, he will buy me the plan ticket. i didn't even say yes. but i might have to go some time this year, because my mum will be 80, i haven't seen her for 4 years. poor old woman got her self to bleme--give birth to a lazy buggar. :rolleyes:


kelt enjoy the festeva, it's so much fun!!


don't keep thinking shorting sugar, this sweet thing seems have plenty upside momentun these days, not sure why??

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Gday Kelt,


Good to se you are enjoying yourself..Your shorts just came good and my longs just got hammered.

China has increased the reserve ratio for their banks and the commodities got smacked. I had a couple of stops in

that saved some pain...Good learning curve..

Thanks for your charts

Very much appreciated....The charts change very quickly..Gonna have to learn to adapt a bit quicker..





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Ring your brother back & tell him to send that ticket. If you don't go to your Mum's birthday, I'll go as your representative :biggrin:

Never been to China, but always wanted to go.

Have a good mate who just married a chinese lady, you can't wipe the smile off his face.

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Have a good mate who just married a chinese lady, you can't wipe the smile off his face.



hehehehehe, your mate is lucky, if he get a nasty one, boy....!!


once i decide to go to shanghai, i'll let you know brother, if you are not busy at time, i can be your best guider.......


don't know if you guys look at lumber, looks bullish, despite cooling economy. :blink:





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if you are not busy at time, i can be your best guider



If i had half a chance to go, I'd jump at it, but my youngest daughter is getting married this year. That will take up my whole budget for the year. Alas - no holiday for me or my wife till 2011 :(


Don't follow the lumber, sorry.

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Hello Neilo,


I missed the short Friday by 5 points on sugar, bummer. It played out nicely. I did get onto Soybean though on the support line and it had a great bounce. Got stopped out of wheat. Still think wheat, soybean and corn look good for long trades. Looks like the USD is due for a decent pullback.


Here is the sugar 1 hourly. The corrective move looks to be finished. I missed the move so will have to wait for another trade. I might put a few contracts short if it backtests the uptrend line, but at this stage doesn't look like the best setup.




Here is a look at soybean. Could push up near 960 in the next day or two. Daily getting close to overbought, so I'd expect an ABC correction once this move tops out.




The weekly looks good for a nice move long over the next few months. Breaking the downtrend line would be a strong trigger. Negative seems to be the H&S. Personally think the pattern is overstated. 880 will be the key. (blue line).



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