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Soft Commodities


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While the markets have been volatile, I have been trading Soft Commodities. They are great trading vehicles.


Went long wheat and corn this morning. Will have a stop under the untrend line.


4 hourly corn chart:-




4 hourly wheat chart:-



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Wheat and Corn,


Kelt, just need an idea of the margin requirement for a 5000 Bushel corn contract ZCZ9

applied with suitable stop of course. would it be 20% of contract value?

see which way it goes, but am not set up for now.



for nice charts



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Corn and wheat had nice rallies last night. Also have shorts on cocoa, hoping a long term top may be in place.


Here is the daily chart. Price on support, so if it doesn't breakdown tonight will cover and look to short higher.


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Went short both corn and wheat this morning. With corn I don't have a E/W count on it. Just looks like a bear flag, so tried to get short at the top of the flag with a stop just above.


Needs to break the orange support line to play out nicely with a initial target of 410. Charts a bit messy so just a one or two day trade. If it breaks the orange line I will probably move my stop down to just above it.



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