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Well, it is just a hunch, but I can see Stockland and Westfield joining up for a go at GPT. Split the assets. Share the spoils. Everyone, but Lend Lease, happy. I'm in WDC and love the fact that they are doing deals that share the takeover burdens. Most recently they shared the spoils of a big UK shopping mall company with Multiplex and a couple of UK property tycoons. In the eighties companies were greedy, and egos paid too much. But if there is enough for everyone to go around, then there's less of a battle and then the spoils should be shared at a more reasonable price together.
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In reply to: pete152 on Tuesday 05/07/05 07:47pm

Stock could hit $5 soon , been a great performer over the last 2 years, Stockland will be annoyed they didn't "pay up" when they had the chance ... $4.25 would have probably clinced the deal. Divs are increasing at a rapid rate thanks the JV with BNB, they are now self managed after paying off Lend Lease .. and they have just offloaded half the office portfolio into a managed fund so will generate management fees from that. A great share to hold along side more volatile mining and exploration stocks.

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In reply to: hungry on Wednesday 26/09/07 03:44pm

Are we in a bear market http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/ohmy.gif


I hold at an av. of $1.64.


Frightening chart below: http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/stun.gif


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In reply to: macrae on Friday 11/07/08 01:20am

Down to 1.35 odd and now has reversed to 1.685.


Any SS holders?


Still holding tight but the volatility tested my primal instinct.


A couple of brokers are recommending her now and most have revised target well ahead of current prices. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

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In reply to: macrae on Monday 21/07/08 06:23pm

Macrae, had a good look at at when it got dumped and had a chance to by a few at $1.40, but am only in energy atm. Thought yours was a good call though. My last bottom dweller was BBP at 60c and am still waiting on that one. Still waiting on AZA as well. 2bs

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These are the times i'm glad i'm a trader, not investor.

A rights issue at approx 50% of last traded price - ouch.

I nearly bought a trading parcel yest for st bounce because it had huge buyer support in the market depth. I wondered why it wasn't moving at all. Now we know why.


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At 115c the expected post placement SP should be around 99c assuming 1b raised at 50% discount. I reckon the instos were told in advance this was happening as the price dropped suddenly from a 170-200 range to 110-120 and refused to go up even on good days. The placement will be positive and expect GPT to move up in time as the uncertainty around their debt levels will go away. I intend to load up post placement hopefully the SP will get oversold. With many rate cuts to come in Australia [RBA will have to choose GDP over inflation I reckon] and with stronger balance sheet GPT will be an early outperformer when things improve.
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