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In reply to: topic-starter on Thursday 27/05/04 11:50am

Well, this has been a hot topic hasn't it -not!


Suggest some of you read their recent announcements.


ADL has been reborn and looking like getting very active.


Excellent write-up in the October edition of "The Bulletin". The "speculator" bought in then.

Do your own research but at 15-16c seems a good entry point.


I've noticed in the past that the "speculator" in "The "bulletin" is usually a month or more ahead of the action [e.g. MAL also mentioned in October edition and had a great run this week].

For what it's worth - I've taken a position in ADL with a 3 - 6 month timeframe for the market to pick up on this one.


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In reply to: TilehurstResearch on Wednesday 15/12/04 08:40pm

Some interesting links below on ADL, particularly regarding their option position to buy up to 5 mill shares in Swiss based Temenex, a leading SW provider to the banking industry.


Has anyone else had a look at ADL [Admerex] in the past ?


"The Speculator" in' The Bulletin' didn't purchase ADL for his public portfolio [as I thought from the October issue], but does own shares in ADL either personally or through family investments.


Initial research as follows:

ASX: ADL - Admerex

This Company has turned around from a disastrous 2002 [same for TEMN] and with their investment in Temenex [sWX:TEMN} as detailed in the Sanford link below, it appears that their fortunes are in the hands of the performance of Temenex.


TEMN chart link below looks quite promising.


The clients for their banking SW include ING worldwide and other major banks worldwide.

Do your own research, but IMHO, ADL should return a great profit over the next 12 months.


www.temenex.com has more details.


Switzerland stock exchange: www.swx.com








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