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If a double-dip recession strikes, the price tag shoots up to $259 billion. Warning: None of these scenarios factors in the imbroglio over allegedly defective foreclosure documents.






The worst is behind us if you do not include "the imbroglio over allegedly defective foreclosure documents."


A bloke at the race track should know that once you have lost your shirt the worst is behind you.

Don't worry about what you owe, as we didn't factor that in - seriously - just don't worry!!!

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Dont know about - ANYTHING INTERESTING - but for the "ANYTHING RELECTING POOR JOURNALISM" subcategory, I offer up these (and that's just p2 of today's rag)



EAST Timor is continuing to entertain plans to drill for oil in waters as deep as 1900m. In one instance, it is using the contractor that was operating the Deepwater Horizon rig which exploded in the Gulf of Mexico in May.


The similarities between proposals before the East Timor government and the circumstances surrounding the Gulf of Mexico explosion and oil spill are striking.


Sources in East Timor say the government's environment directorate has approved plans for a well to be drilled by Transocean and is awaiting approval from the petroleum authority.


Transocean is contracted by Indian oil company Reliance, which has a permit near Woodside's Greater Sunrise field. Even the drilling vessel's name, Deepwater Expedition, is similar to the Deepwater Horizon that blew up in 1500m of water and caused the biggest oil spill in US history.


well 'der'. it is a deepwater well. Will it explode if it comes to East Timor?


and then there is some nonsense concerning a train derailment in Wodonga:


suggestions the derailment could be linked to new mudholes that have allegedly arisen following a recent upgrade to replace existing wooden sleepers with concrete ones. "The section of the track where this happened is nowhere near where the mudholes have appeared," he said. "This is actually a brand new piece of line."


Last month, drivers and their unions called for an independent inquiry into the mudholes, which they described as "a disaster waiting to happen".

why bother putting this in. Any knowledge would show (even the photo in the paper) that is is brand new bridge, no fault of the track, buit of the ageing rolling stock


Splean vented, moving on.





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