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When weather events get conflated with climate, it might be useful to remind the simple folk about grade 7 lessons.


And, a bit of geomorphology might help. It is a floodplain, folks. With an altered ecosystem, turned to pasture not treed, and urban engineering stopping percolation, channeling with roads, structures and acres of concrete. Plus a deforested hinterland allowing run off. Do Not Build on a Floodplain.

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Is this weird?


APnews is reporting an Indian couple is suing their son and daughter-in-law $675 000 (US, presumably) for failing to have a grandchild after 6 years of marriage. Their justification seems to be they paid for their son's education (he's a pilot) and they organised the marriage. A court has accepted their petition and is set for a hearing.


Geez, don't p*ss off mum and dad in India.

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