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and the selfcensoring narrative goes on, in the institutions. When I was in Hobart last time, I revisited the Museum. The colonial period exhibit were diminished, in number and visibility. I had always been intrigued by the Dunking Box*, an authentic convict dated instrument of torture and state sponsored murder.  Unable to locate it, I asked where it was. The reply; We do not exhibit those sorts of things any more.

*Dunking Box. in the convict gallery at TMAG [was] a portable solitary confinement box. It is popularly assumed that this was employed as a dunking device on outward bound convict vessels. (also known as a ducking box).


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and here is a bit of tension building


A race against time is under way for the US Navy to reach one of its downed fighter jets ... before the Chinese get there first.

The $100m (£74m) F35C plane came down in the South China Sea after what the Navy describes as a mishap during takeoff from the USS Carl Vinson. The jet is the newest, and crammed with classified equipment. As it is in international waters, it is technically fair game.

Whoever gets there first, wins. The prize? All the secrets behind this very expensive, leading edge fighting force.


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the headline writer did change it to HMS after a few minutes.  ....  but on the first voyage (of three), he was only Lieutenant James Cook.

Shortly after his return from the first voyage, Cook was promoted in August 1771 to the rank of commander. Upon his return from the second voyage, on the Resolution, Cook was promoted to the rank of post-captain and given an honorary retirement from the Royal Navy.

He accepted a third voyage, again on the Resolution, as Captain. Died in Hawaii

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