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What the f--- am I dealing with?” General Milley asked him.;;;;;;;; :lol:






The uneasy parallels between Trump Republicans and Mao’s communists :o




since no one comes in with political "yali yada", i'm gonna try to stir the pot!! :lol:





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  • 4 weeks later...
GM (GM) is preparing to spend $800 million to fix — or possibly replace — the batteries in nearly 70,000 Bolts due to a fire risk. That comes out to about $11,650 per vehicle, making it one of the most expensive recalls ever on a per-car basis.

Meanwhile, Hyundai (HYMTF) is spending $874 million to replace the batteries in 82,000 of its own EVs (also for a fire risk, though these are different battery models. That comes to just under $11,000 per vehicle.)

These costs are staggering — and exponentially higher than the average price tag of an auto recall over the last 10 years, which was only about $500 per vehicle, according to Mike Held, director of the automotive and industrial practice at consulting firm AlixPartners.

And they should serve as serious warnings to the industry.

"Battery safety and durability will be increasingly important if auto companies want to avoid some of the large battery-recall costs that have befallen the consumer electronics industry," Held said.


A 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV parked in its owner's driveway in Vermont was charging when it caught fire. The fire has prompted one of the most expensive car recalls on record.

The GM recall was prompted by at least nine fires tied to a malfunction in the battery, all of which occurred when the cars were shut off. GM is still figuring out how to address the problem, but replacing either the battery cells or the entire battery is likely one option. The automaker has urged drivers to not park their cars in garages, or next to homes or other structures.


Problems with batteries in EVs. Also creates a waste problem ......... what do we do with these batteries ? Still don't think the battery electric car is the long term solution.

Park your car in the street because it might catch fire ???!!!!




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A Tasmanian Supreme Court judge says a convicted firebug who attempted to create a micronation and started fires that burnt through the Fingal Valley in 2019 is a danger to the public.


Today in the Launceston Supreme court, 36 year old Robert Peter Matthewson was sentenced to seven years behind bars for lighting three fires, including one on a day with a total fire ban, and for previous aggravated assault and firearms charges.

3mx3m? Does not get much smaller than a prison cell.
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Has government generosity meant we’re seeing the return of the rational bludger?” he began.



Peter Switzer has built a tidy little empire leveraging his everyman shtick and his dumbed-down money news for mug punters.


Switzer argued that the Morrison government’s $750 weekly support payments are both a disincentive to work and an incentive to commit welfare fraud because they’re too generous.




too generous?? yes!! but a lot of people do need the support as they have been forced to stay home. may be less money to support them?? :unsure:



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Yep, our Mr P Keating has a strong view on his own impact. Absolute certainty it was all his work, and nobody else was worth two cents.

Interesting read, though, eb. we are in a bit of a perceived vacuum of leadership, but the virus will undo whoever thinks they have the solution. The crash or crash through approach may not work today, because the consequences are just awful, if the settings go astray.


I liked the bit on getting a boot up the banks; if there was more courage, Norths, once North Broken Hill, would not have gone to Rio for a steal and the barbarians, the Visgoths, at AMP would have held on to their set of irreplaceable assets. But no, in the interest of short term performance, and short term bonuses, the patrimony was thrown away.


Which brings me to the gripe for today.......

Super bright, fast talking, witty and gregarious, academically very raw but possessed of a driving ambition to succeed and willing to take risks to do so," is the way [AFR editor Max] Walsh once described an on the way up Keating. "As Gough Whitlam once remarked, he was a throwback to the days when Labor was populated with bright, unqualified and unconnected young men who saw politics as their only way of making a mark in the world.

Because if the calibre of Labor as exemplified in this article, this blog, in Meanjin, is the best that mob can offer, then we have no hope. Intellectual pyrotechnics? Flashy, noisy, shallow and about as long lasting as a NYE show at midnight. Could get a job at the ABC though.



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the Project host, Lisa Wilkinson, has taken aim at NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, saying she’s “stuffed this” and calling for her to “step aside”.


She’s doing nothing, the soft lockdown continues, and we’re all scratching our heads trying to work out if she’s not going to do anything more — why is she continuing with this same rhetoric?”


“The whole state needs a complete reset and if Gladys Berejiklian isn’t up to the job, then she needs to step aside and make room for somebody who is”.


That light she can see at the end of the tunnel, we can all see it too — it’s a complete bin fire. And somebody else needs to step in.”


And, please, Premier, can you stop looking to overseas as a place to refer to?”




as point out before-----where the heck is our real opposition party [labour party]??????? WTF :weirdsmiley:



stop looking at overseas??? the new variant's start at India long before it came to out land , all those in charge in the office should know far better than us how the variant virus function

they simply didn't look at closely. it's shame that they have been paid the big time from tax payer!!!! :weirdsmiley:



as everyone know that luck will run out if one keeps count on it!!

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