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from yesterdays herald sun by lucy carne


and if you head to the federal government's website, you'll find a bewildering 1827 words explaining who can get vaccinated under lb,

it's staggering that we're still stumbling through this rollout.


surely if we want to vaccinate the population swiftly, it's time to scrap age restrictions and make any vaccine available to anyone.


enlist Aldi's effiicient checkout staff to do the jabs, through in a sky jacket with your vaccine and you'll get the masses jabed in no time.










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With less than a month to go before Jeff Bezos embarks on his “greatest adventure” with a trip to space, more than a few people here on Earth are making it known they’d prefer it if the wealthiest man on the planet takes a one-way trip and remains in orbit.




:lol: ..... i wandering why the heck people hate him so much??? :unsure:


because he is a super rich person???

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While ASX is updating its clearing and settlement system with a private blockchain, the CRC’s prospectus points out this new world of tokenised assets will ultimately challenge centralised exchanges. The future will see producers and manufacturers digitise more assets and “look to sell them not only through established stock exchanges, but automatically through any electronic distribution channel available to them,” it says.




But just like any new technology, new risks will also be created. Some of the products are likely to be volatile and they don’t currently fit neatly inside existing laws and legal concepts. As the OECD advised, operating in a non-compliant manner exacerbates risks for market participants.




to be honest, i don't understand blockchain at all. so i sorta scratch my head for this thingy.

some of you guys might understand this thing far better, please , educate "old hand" like me.

i like to profit for this new thing [tech] , but don't know how??? :sadsmiley02:



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When will China overtake the U.S. to become the world’s biggest economy? Few questions are more important to the future of business and geopolitics. The Chinese Communist Party, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, wants you to believe the rise is inevitable. But a new analysis from Bloomberg Economics says it may never happen. —Margaret Sutherlin



not sure about economy, but for the dominance of the world?? i can't see it will happen in our life time---witch is over the next 50 years.

history shows USA push down Jap's economy rise at 80's and broke Soviet union at 90's with it's all mighty military power.... i can't see anyone can challenge them at near future .


but war on Taiwan is possible thing to me. that is something that worries me, if that happens , market will crash i reckon!!



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Those of you interested in the West vs China relationship, this 2 part article gives a good background of US policy and why China is taking a stance in Spratleys. The second part is coming out later this week. Those lazy to read...my summary..The Wolfowitz Doctrine which came out after end of Cold War with the collapse of USSR, essentially enshrines US domination of the world, preventing the rise of a rival by ANY means.



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hi P

:P , you know it's good to be honest to express your view esp these days . i'm sure there are a lot of people disagree with it,

that is open to discuss here.

Mick is gone, hope you can carry on this field . i'm not really interested.

trading is my first for most important thingy!! :P


by the way , i reckon trump did few good thing---------law and order , wall on Mexico board wall. but to me he is nutty, crazy. imho thought :lol:



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