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Over in China, the foreign ministry criticized Japan in a statement for “unilaterally†deciding to release the water, while ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian challenged Japanese officials to drink water from the Fukushima plant.





sound little bit rough to ask officials to take a sip before it can tip these "unharmful" water to the sea. but is it affective way??? :lol:


USA support Japs to tip the water into the sea, because it is far away from USA. and USA needs Japs atm. if it close to them they might drops 10 nuke bomb [ 5 times more than they did to Japs at end of world war2]... :devilsmiley:


I think aussie should start nuke power, just tip the waist water into sea .....easy as...... :lol:

then the power bill would be a lot cheaper than now.....



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Modern practice now calls for rocket stages to be de-orbited as soon as possible after their mission. In the case of large core segments, these would normally come straight back, within one orbit, falling into the ocean or on land (the US company SpaceX now propulsively lands its core stages so they can be used again).


For upper stages that go into an orbit and may travel around the globe several times as they precisely position a payload, the preference is to include a re-ignitable engine that can steer the stage into a return at the earliest opportunity.


Usually, this would be over an ocean ... potentially in the furthest place from land in the South Pacific, between Australia, New Zealand and South America.


Over an area of approximately 1,500 sq km (580 sq miles) this region is a popular graveyard of rocket elements and defunct satellites, where the remains of around 260 missions are thought to be scattered on the ocean floor.

thought to be?!?! ....




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It’s a Wall Street nightmare. You score hundreds of millions of dollars on a trade and you just can’t get paid. That’s what Goldman Sachs faces in a transaction pitting it against Mexico’s dominant power company, one championed by President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. At issue: roughly $400 million the Wall Street giant believes it’s owed from a natural-gas trade that went wild when a deadly deep freeze hit Texas in February.


from bloomberg



whoa!! cowboy stand off!! :o



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The majority of my savings had sat in a long-term deposit, but the interest rate is just so small, that I decided it was time to start online trading to shake things up,†the 28-year-old communications executive says.


“I spoke to a few financially savvy friends to get some advice. One of them actually raked in some serious cash during COVID-19 from a long-term investment he has in overseas shares – he helped me set up my trading account, and gave me some tips to invest to get the ball rolling.â€




sound so familiar ----reminds me year 2000 before the the dot come crash...... :o


market always work this way isn't it?? :lol:



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Any one who thinks the world is not completely nuts need to look at a few of these.

1. The San Francisco Police department put out a video of a suspect who set fire to a woman's hair on a bus in S.F. They were seeking help in identifying the suspect, but bizarely decided to pixelate the face of the suspect in the video so its blurred. maybe they planned to look for suspects with the same clothes. see Zero hedge


2. From Twitter comes the exciting news that Eleanor Holmes Norton , a Washington DC Democrat rep, announced this week her intention of introducing a bill requiring both male and female car crash test dummies after claiming “they are nowhere near achieving equality,” regarding safety testing to keep women safe on the road.


3. And just to prove its not just America, from Italy 24 news

An Italian artist has managed to sell a piece of "art" that is invisible.

The artist originally from Santa Giusta has created an immaterial sculpture, completely invisible, entitled “I am”: if some “layman” can have doubts about its artistic value, they will have to change their mind. The work was sold for 15 thousand euros in the auction organized by Art-Rite, one of the rare Italian auction houses that deals with “sessions” dedicated exclusively to contemporary art.


The work must be placed in a private house within a space free from any obstruction, with dimensions of approximately 150 x 150 centimeters. Estimated at the start of 6 thousand euros, it has doubled the base reaching, at the hammer, 12 thousand euros (15 thousand with auction rights).


Physical, the buyer will find only the guarantee certificate in his hands, which testifies to the archiving of the work and represents the only visual element present in the catalog where, instead of the traditional image of a tangible work, a absolute white space.


Thats it, I'm going to Mars.


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