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and a bit more to add to the worry .....


If democracy means the rule of the people, the essence of a specifically liberal democracy is the principle of limited government. But Biden’s Democrats are now seeking maximum government — not to implement their policies, but to destroy their opponents. They have demanded show trials of Trump and his supporters, an expansion of the Supreme Court so that Biden can appoint his own new justices and the admission of two new states (the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico) to cement the Democrats’ control over the Senate.


They even propose stretching the Constitution so far as to hold a legally questionable impeachment trial for Trump after he leaves office, just so they can disqualify him from ever running for office again.


Power is everything.




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How many of us remember the PIGS crisis in Europe a few years ago?

Well , it seems that perhaps the "I" part of PIGS is having a sense of Deja Vu.

From ABC News


Italy's former prime minister Matteo Renzi has yanked his small party out of government, stripping the ruling coalition of its parliamentary majority and triggering political chaos amid a resurgent COVID-19 epidemic.


The dispute centres on Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's spending plans and leadership style

Italy is in the worst recession since World War II as a result of the coronavirus pandemic

If the coalition can't agree, it might trigger an early election

The move could lead to a revamped Cabinet, a different coalition leader or the early election eagerly sought by right-wing opposition parties.


Mr Renzi had been chafing for weeks at what he saw as Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte's heavy hand in deciding how to spend billions of euros promised by the European Union to relaunch Italy's battered economy.


"Italy Alive didn't provoke the political crisis," Mr Renzi told reporters, lambasting Mr Conte's style of leadership.


"We won't allow anyone to have full powers."


But Mr Renzi left open the possibility of rejoining the Cabinet if his demands for a policy revamp and greater accountability were acted on.


Mr Renzi has been accused by critics of playing politics in an effort to revive the fortunes of his tiny Italia Viva party, which is floundering in the polls.


His coalition partners said his decision would hurt the country, which is mired in the worst recession since World War II as a result of the coronavirus pandemic that has killed more than 80,000 Italians — the second highest toll in Europe.


An early election won't fix things. The structural problems in Italy will not go away.

Wonder at what interest rate was the Euro Bank providing the funds to the "i" section.


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"Maybe we should have called it Donald and we could have appealed to the president to give it a pardon or diplomatic immunity," Mr Celli-Bird told Nine.com.au


"I understand their reasoning, but I also can't understand why they can't quarantine the bird," he said.




i've been follow this story from yesterday, can we put it as "joke of day"??? :lol:


what a crazy world we living!!!!!

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Revenge of the bottom half: Biden's spending blitz spells trouble for the rich

...While all eyes over the last week were fixed on the putsch in Washington and COVID everywhere else, the Fed stunned investors with a policy pirouette. The Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago and Richmond Fed chiefs suggested in unison that the institution might start to wind down QE as soon as this year, with rate rises to follow quickly. They sniff inflation.


The M2 money supply, the country's money supply including cash, checking account deposits, and easily convertible near money, has risen 24 per cent over the last year. Nobody knows how long this will remain inert or how suddenly it will ignite as society opens up....

And the Democrat win in Georgia has given the big spenders a chance:
...Fiscal loosening will be met by monetary tightening sooner than markets had supposed. It is a major policy shock. Nor will the Fed intervene quickly to cap surging bond yields. Yields on 10year treasuries, still the global benchmark price of money, have doubled to 1.18 per cent since early October....

President elect Joe Biden has unveiled a $1.9tn (£1.4tn) stimulus plan for the coronavirus sapped US economy before he takes office next week. If passed by Congress, it would include $1tn for households, with direct payments of $1,400 to all Americans. The relief proposal includes $415bn to fight the virus and $440bn for small businesses.


the Fed ... has less need to keep bailing out investors ... in the hope of economic trickle down to the [ ] poor , if the Biden Treasury has taken over the job and is doing the heavy lifting. The Fed will therefore tolerate bigger Wall Street corrections. Put crudely, the Biden era mix of loose fiscal/ tight money [policy] is good for workers, less good for capitalists.
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The Rich will get richer, no matter who is in charge.

They will be out with their cups looking for boondoggles to filter through their hands before clipping their bit.

Its the once profitable middle class that has been decimated , with many joining those at the bottom.



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If I hear one more politician utter the words "I make no apology for " (fill in the name of latest cluster F%$$#), I am going to tear out what little hair I have left.

Martin Foley, the Vic health Minister who replaced the last person who made no apology despite the hotel quarantine fiasco, is the latest to make no apology for not allowing Victorians back into their home state, while happy to welcome a 1000 foreigners who happen to be part of the tennis troupe that tours the world making millions.

A pox on their heads (and a few other parts of their body as well).



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From the ABC

Elon gives wrong signal


By adopting the "buy now, think later" strategy, they drove the company's share price up by an astonishing 11,708 per cent (in just three days).


Its market value surged from about $US55 million to over $US6 billion in that very short period of time. That's what happens when your company's share price jumps (from 60 US cents to $US70.85) almost overnight.

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Henceforth the selfdescribed national broadcaster will be named the IBC. This is to reflect their truculence and inability to recognise the groupthink is part of the problem, not the solution.


Perennial issue’: ABC defends use of ‘Invasion Day’

David Geraghty / The Australian.


The ABC attracted a barrage of criticism over its decision to officially refer to January 26 as ‘Invasion Day’ in its coverage of Australia Day celebrations

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Ahh. The Murdoch press.



Lauded praised salivated sycophanted encouraged that deranged person who called himself the president of the United States.


What judgement they showed.



Haven’t got a leg to stand on now – lost all credibility whether in the US and here in Australia.



Wonder in what form their mea culpa will appear. It won’t of course.

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