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Funny you should mention that blueice!! My bother and i were staying at a Ramada Hotel somewhere in eastern California and he had forgotten to bring something in from the car! So out he goes and on returning saw the door ajar and pushed on it with his shoulder only to come to an abrupt halt!! Now with sore shoulder wonders what the hell is going on thinking i was playing a trick on him gave it another good shove for good measure and realises the safety chain was on then happens to notice the room number!!

Uh oh geez that's the neighbours......Thought nothing of it as nobody came to the door swipes the card in ours and off to bed.

Next morning i woke rather early to hear voices in the corridor and could here the local Sergeant conversing with elderly nextdoor neighbours about having to go and check the security tapes to see who had tried to break into their room the night before.... Several hours later on the road i relate what i had heard to little brother and he mentions what had happened the evening before.....LOL

Also have a drunken mate that woke one morning to the cries of a little kid yelling daddy daddy theres someone in my bedroom.

He had stumbled home and entered a house several doors down from his grandmas and crashed for the night on the floor.........

Big please explain to the childs father what he was doing there!!!!!! Door was unlocked......

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Many years ago I was living in the single quarters of a accommodation block in a mining camp, my room was right next to the toilet block, very convenient I thought, the first night I was awoken by a splashing sound on the floor of my room. Never leave doors unlocked anymore.
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WOW, check this out - that lady must really subscribe to the saying that "GREED IS GOOD"......................

UNBELEIVABLE that some one can actually do this to their employer - PATHETIC, no thoughts about the people that have been hurt.............................


<h2 class="cN-headingPage prepend-5 span-11 last">Peeters left reeling by $20m sting</h2> Vanda Carson and Lucy Battersby August 12, 2009 THE payroll manager of troubled whitegoods and electrical retailer Clive Peeters has admitted she used $20 million in company funds on a spending spree, buying more than 40 properties in the past 18 months.


Sonya Causer, 38, from Lilydale, spent the equivalent of a year's company earnings secretly compiling an impressive portfolio, including nine properties in Melbourne's inner east, 28 in the outer eastern suburbs, and two in Mildura.


She bought a house in Balwyn North worth $995,000 and one in Surrey Hills worth $925,000.


In total she bought 43 properties, including five in suburban Brisbane and one in Tasmania.


Her 18-month spree from the listed retailer - which has 49 stores and 1300 staff - was worth more than the pre-tax earnings of $17.3 million in the 2008 financial year.



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Well no one deserves to be stolen from even if they are incompetent or just plain foolish. However, such a large sum of money leaking out of the company over a reasonably long period should not have gone undetected!
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Businesses employ people for professionalism, work ethics and moral , and this person had none of it............But I am surprised that this was not picked up when the company reported their last year's results after being audited, when you think it has been going for 18 months??????????
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