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My grandkids have the ability to change the appearance of whoever is on your screen during messenger and facetime apps.

They have rabbit ears, wigs, butterflies etc on the faces.

Surely ZOOM would be able to alter the software to do something similar.


But instead of pretty things like fairies and butterflies the kids do, add colour to the cheeks, hide blemishes, take out the grey regrowth of the non dyed hair roots, make your teeth whiter etc etc.


Would have to be a winner!



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It may not concern him, but I bet it concerns some of the external lenders.


The next interest rate movement will be up.


Wish you were right.

Australia is 'leading the charge' on manipulating bond yeilds/prices.

RBA already done $100,000,000,000 on Melbourne cup day: yet stuff all people are aware....

That's $4,000 per australian citizen, dumped into financial markets.... AKA the rich. Did I see any of the $4,000 dollars? Did you??? Unless you're directly in the markets, then no. Even the superannuation funds are now shaping up to be the greatest ponzi schemes in history, trillions of dollars hidden in accounts with no transparency of what they own, what they paid for 'off market assets', no way to audit them.... It's the greatest scam ever: 9-15% or more of every wage in Australia.... Mind blowing. i still can't believe we can't people to understand their super funds don't even return the franking credits to it's members!!!!!!!!! i checked the wifes super the other day, $400K, earnings for the year? $500. Yes! $500, that's 0.125%... then they take their fees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What we seen with jobkeeper, cashflow boost, state gov grants, and now all the job maker crap, is a government and financial system hell bent on protecting itself. There is no responsibility attached to any of their behaviour.


My god, I never could understand how as the currency collapses, the working are poor are stripped of everything: Yet I'm seeing it before my very eyes..... They are pillaging the working class and small business owners at an amazing rate of knots: All while the government has exception approval ratings.... An opposition that is scared to poke it's head up... I haven't heard albo for months: Literally, I have not seen this silly prat get one minute of air time??? How is that possible? he must be shit scared of doing anything after watching Shorten lose the un-losable election....

/sigh/Just protected myself and my family, and the few that will listen. It's all you can do.


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Plastic surgeons say business is up, partly because clients don’t like how they look on Zoom


Well that's from the lifestyle they lead... all that piss they drink... and wacky weed being smoked, and the meth... the meth!!!!

Wife and I just turned 40, and people can't believe we are that old... We don't drink (I've had like 6 beers this year), no smoke, always sunscreen etc etc..

The bit of TV I do watch, I 'observe' reality tv, usually disgusted at how 'hard' the girls look: I often see girls that look 40+, then they say she's mid 20's!!!!!!!!!! WTF do these people do to themselves???


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A “monstrous†weather event heading for the Sunshine State could lead to the “highest sea level ever†on the southern Queensland coastline.


We'll all be rooooned !!


Our BOM is getting desperate for headlines it seems, and always somehow they link it to "climate change". I suspect that "highest sea level ever" may be a slight exaggeration. Seen some pretty big "king" tides here on the Gold Coast, especially during cyclones. Still here.


The last call was for a deadly heat wave ........ some places got very hot ( SW Queensland into the 40's) but not very unusual .




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The decisons by the victorian Government to give carte blanche approval for Big Law firms to be creative with class actions was always a bit of a moot point.

Class actions are one way for the the mums and dads to get back at the big boys is certainly a worthy act to strive for.

But the problem is always the law of unintended consequences.

Janets biggest beef is really that the majority of the big law firms are labour oriented and it just gives the opportunity for more money to roll in as (tax deductible) donations.

But there are just as many firms donating to the liberal side of things, so that really doesn't wash.

But what really took my eye was the way "new financial prioducts" are being created.

the same sort of financial products that the big US banks were pushing that brought on the last financial crisis.


From The OZ


Securitisation of litigation sounds terribly niche, but we have been here before. When investment banks bundled up home mortgages into exotically named collateralised debt obligations, investors couldn’t get enough. Then the market exploded, setting off the global financial crisis.


Securitising lawsuits is in its early stages. In September, UK company Forbes Ventures announced plans to securitise its litigation funding assets. A few years ago, Burford Capital, a big US litigation funder that also operates in Australia, tested the securitisation waters after it acquired, for less than $US18m, a legal claim from a plaintiff against the Argentinian government. Between December 30, 2016, and June 24, 2019, Burford sold 38.5 per cent of its interests in four tranches for a total of $US236m.


Liam Hennessy, a regulatory specialist with Gadens law firm, tells The Australian that “implies an approximate market value of $US613m, and is a multiple of 34 times Burford’s purchase priceâ€.


“It is deeply unsettling when you stop to consider how these sales are being priced … and the lessons that came out from the GFC in relation to the comparatively much simpler mortgage-backed products.â€


Just as mortgage-backed securities created dangerous risks, securitisation of this latest asset class of lawsuits will require wiser heads than Hanson-Young, and less conflicted ones than those in the Labor Party, to ensure naive plaintiffs are not pillaged and the economy is not plundered.


Note that in the Burford case, the 18million was a CLAIM.

The case had not been settled, it had not even gone to court.

Talk about creativity!

Lawyers, only one rung above bankers in the scumbags of the earth stakes.



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A huge swathe of Australia’s east coast is bracing for days of wild weather and cyclone-like conditions, with torrential downpours, towering swells and abnormally high tides.


Coastal towns were swamped in Queensland and NSW at the weekend as extreme conditions coincided with king tides to produce some of the highest tides of the year.


Byron Bay’s famous Main Beach had barely a grain of sand visible late Sunday as massive swells pummelled the coast and sparked warnings of severe erosion.


In southeast Queensland, conditions have been likened to a category 1 cyclone as thundering waves – which averaged 5 metres but were as high as 10 metres – slammed shorelines from the Sunshine Coast to the Gold Coast and look set to continue.





The New Daily




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There are the odd idea that to some people seem like pure genius, but to others look like a lotential train wreck.

Heres one that springs to mind.

From Judicial Watch

In a curious twist, a “reformed†criminal hired by the District of Columbia’s chief legal officer to help curb violence has been arrested and charged with murder. The case involves a taxpayer-funded public safety program known as Cure the Streets launched by D.C. Attorney General Karl Racine to reduce gun violence by treating it as a disease that can be interrupted and stopped from spreading. Cure the Streets typically hires men and women with criminal histories as violence interrupters because they know first-hand about the challenges that residents of crime-infested communities live with. Racine, who was reelected to a second term in 2018, says the transformed criminals hired by his program perform community-driven public safety work that can avoid using police.


Here is how they carry out the task, according to Racine’s office: By interrupting potentially violent conflicts because they have relationships and influence within targeted neighborhoods. Violence interrupters “engage with the community to learn about brewing conflicts and resolve them peaceably before they erupt in violence,†the program’s website states. Violence interrupters also identify and treat individuals at high risk for involvement with violence by meeting with them and implementing individualized risk reduction plans. “They also help connect participants with needed services, such as housing, counseling and employment assistance, and develop action plans for a positive future.†Finally, the D.C. Attorney General claims violence interrupters mobilize communities to change norms by engaging residents, local businesses, community leaders and faith leaders to work with high-risk individuals to reduce violence. “CTS works with these partners to organize forums and public events where residents can gather and interact safely without fear of conflict and violence,†the D.C. government website claims. It is not clear what impact Cure the Streets is having on violent crime in the District, but the Metropolitan Police Department reports that homicides are up 20% from last year.

I like that phrase, Violence Interrupters.

Has a ring to it.


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