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According to Science Daily

From the "There has to be something good come out of the pandemic" department, heresa nother one.

The lack of human activity during lockdown caused human-linked vibrations in the Earth to drop by an average of 50% between March and May 2020.


This quiet period, likely caused by the total global effect of social distancing measures, closure of services and industry, and drops in tourism and travel, is the longest and most pronounced quiet period of seismic noise in recorded history.


The new research, led by the Royal Observatory of Belgium and five other institutions around the world including Imperial College London, showed that the dampening of 'seismic noise' caused by humans was more pronounced in more densely populated areas.


The relative quietness allowed researchers to listen in to previously concealed earthquake signals, and could help us differentiate between human and natural seismic noise more clearly than ever before.


Co-author Dr Stephen Hicks, from Imperial's Department of Earth Science and Engineering, said: "This quiet period is likely the longest and largest dampening of human-caused seismic noise since we started monitoring the Earth in detail using vast monitoring networks of seismometers.


"Our study uniquely highlights just how much human activities impact the solid Earth, and could let us see more clearly than ever what differentiates human and natural noise."


The paper is published today in Science.


Would have gone up a bit this weekend, helped one of my kids shift house. Lots of banging and crashing.



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Former Vice President Joe Biden has chosen Sen. Kamala Harris of California to join him on the Democratic ticket, fulfilling his pledge to select a female running mate and making Harris the first Black woman ever to appear on a major party ticket.




not sure how market sees this news?? market did reversal last night session, but not by much after 7 sessions run up!!

hope to hear what you guys thinking?? :unsure:



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As I have said in the past, I have have genrally regarded the POTUS as a figurehead.The establishment power brokers are the ones who really control what happens in the US.

The various govt heads, spokespersons etc, are mere useful tools for the elites in the us to fashion things to their liking.

The only thing I can take from this is that Ms Harris is most likely to become the first female president, and the first black female president as well.

I would be surprised if Joe Biden lasts one full term before the geriatric diseases he obviously has will cause him to be removed.

Stephen Looseley in the mornings OZ has an article that suggests that trump will not contest the election.

Seems a little far fetched, but with an ego the size of his, the thought of losing to a geriatric has been would destroy him.

It would not surprise me to see Trump pull out.


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Was reading something about New Zealand four new cases in "The Guardian Australia.

it didn't provide me with anything new, but what did take my eye was a notice at the bottom of the page.


Every contribution, however big or small, is so valuable for our future. Support the Guardian from as little as $1 – and it only takes a minute. Thank you.

You can click onto a page that has e-commerce failities to make a contribution to the Gaurdian with these words

Support our journalism with a contribution of any size

Your support helps protect the Guardian’s independence and it means we can keep delivering quality journalism that’s open for everyone around the world. Every contribution, however big or small, is so valuable for our future.


Make a contribution

How often would you like to contribute?









How much would you like to give?











Contributing $25 works out as $5.77 each week


Your details

Email address


First name


I find this really quite surprising. Why would a commercial organisation seek to get donations.

I checked the ownership of The Gaurdian Australia.

The Guardian Australia is owned by Guardian News and Media (GNM).

GNM is owned by Guardian Media Group (GMG), which is in turn owned by the Scott Trust Limited, a limited company which according to its blurbs, aims to ensure the editorial independence of its publications and websites.

But Scott Trust limited is not a trust, it is a limited liability company. it is not a charitable trust as I first thought.





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Everyone is getting in on the go- fund me type scam. Just another way to fleece the unwary and gullible.

Might try it myself ....... how does “ Please help me to fund a very comfortable retirement for myself and my worthy wife. We are desperate and have no other way to live in luxury which we deserve, Please,please help us!! Send money to .......... God bless you all.â€

What do you reckon?




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Sounds good, though you will have to set up a rival organisation to Go Fund me.

They can be a little arbitrary in their choices as to who is allowed to use their site.

Perhaps that might be the secret,

Instead of getting people to donate to your cause, be the medium to allow others to donate, and just skim 10% off the top for "Administrative Purposes:" just like go fund me.

And then you can copy their rule that says if the target amount is not reached, the entiity runnng the show gets to keep all the money with no refunds.


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Oh I wish I was on night shift




The headline states.

Warragamba Dam — Sydney's main water source — close to breaking point as other dams spill over


- it may be changed but that was the entry for the ABC online lead article.


What is the process that employs functional illiterates?

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The las of unintended consequences.


University students who fail more than half of their first-year subjects will lose government funding, as part of the Morrison government’s radical overhaul of higher education fees.

The Job Ready Graduates reforms – which are already under threat from Nationals MPs who want major changes – would see students lose their HECS-HELP support if they fail more than 50 per cent of their first eight university units.


Education Minister Dan Tehan said the new cap on HELP subsidies would ensure universities determine how academically suitable a student is throughout their degree, and not just after they leave Year 12.“We have found cases where students with the highest levels of debt have been


continuously enrolled at multiple providers at the same time, resulting in debts ranging from


$220,000 up to $660,000 combined with very low pass rates – on average these students


have passed just one in every five subjects they have attempted.â€


I am going to bet that the University response will be is to dumb down the courses and exams so everyone will pass.

Is that what Tehan had in mind??



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