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In reply to: cedar009 on Thursday 30/06/05 07:39am

Hey Cedar,


Well they stopped that bit of free info pretty quick {the link was working yesterday}


I am a member, anyways it was a write up regarding the WA state goverment giving


12 WA companys grants to further their technologys research, this included NMS recieving


a whopping $25,000 grant from the Gallop government {this was the only mention of NMS}


Cheers Radd.

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When have we seen this before? Yesterday's chart is an indication but if we think of today's action, well, something must be up.


T/A is useless in my book although one has to follow them as sometimes they drive the price.


Concerned over the possibility of a raising so I will sell on the sniff of an o/seas contract.


July looks like it will be a blockbuster for NMS.


She should get over $1.08 within a month without news. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/lmaosmiley.gif


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In reply to: macrae on Thursday 30/06/05 07:42pm

$1.08 within 2 days the rate its going. if it keeps this up we'll be looking at record highs within a month. I only hope this happens on the back of a substantial announcement unlike the last highs.

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In reply to: macrae on Thursday 30/06/05 05:45pm

Hey Macrae,


You made me get the dictionary out for that comment, lol ,nice size parcel {long term one}


that you are holding also , agree that something is up {has been since the last $1.20}


IMHO NMS was chased down, every-time without fail that a buy order came in a sell


order would follow within seconds pushing the price lower and lower,who knows for what


reason ,or if this is what happened it is just what 'I' saw.


Anyways a great recovery so far {lets hope they don`t have a raising} and an update


wouldn`t go astray, but as we know NMS doesn`t post meaning-less anns they wait untill


there is something to report ,although there has been a few discussions happening for


over 6 months {apparently} regarding future contracts,we`ll all just have to wait and


see what happens I guess.


Happily Holding For The Long Term.


Cheers Radd. http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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In reply to: radd on Thursday 30/06/05 08:18pm

i spoke to the co today . no need for a raising they have cash in the bank .any r&d should be covered by this grant . ship in qld finished .asia looking good for the next few months . overall i was very impressed . of course the share price fell in a hole today

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