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Does anybody remember this little pearler?


According to their website they have assets worth about $20m. Listed that would be much higher I would guess. Compared to what is listed it is still a lot higher than many of the ones I follow.


Would be worthwhile to give this dude a call and see if I can pick up any shares? Especially if they are going to be a part of some kind of super HIV or cancer company. It is notable that Pfizer already has a footprint in the company through one of their consultants. I think the big $$$ would be made in any IPO they may do in the upcoming IPO window.




The company's shares are not currently listed on a publicly traded stock exchange and there are no immediate plans to seek such a listing. An informal secondary market operates from time to time with a Christchurch based broker, Brian O'Donoghue of ODL Capital (email: Brian O'Donoghue), maintaining an informal register to match interested buyers and sellers.

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