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Hey BSA,

I've been marveling at your channels: What system do you use?

In MA Pro I have to draw them manually - which is generally sufficient for the limited use I make of them.

Seeing though that your analysis of several stocks - CFE a prime example - would have kept me in the trade longer, I'd like to know a little more about your source - if it's no secret. (And I'm sure several others would be interested as well :) )


I have got hold of a copy of Paritech's Pulse system (all above board :hypocrite: and legal). They have made quite a lot of progress in the charting area and offer in particular some channels - among others, the "Raff Regression" channel. Ever heard of it? I attach a pic.




If that's a new one for you as well, don't worry; I can follow it up with their MD or CDO (quicker than googling the Net :) )

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Cheers Artster, but no secret, just an eyeball and drawn manually with Metastock.

I prefer parallel channels and copy and paste the initial lower trend line and its amazing how many times it finds connectives as an upper and spine trend line.

I am always ready to adjust as the picture becomes clearer.


As far as the Raff Regression goes I have only heard the name and that's it.

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You're my kind of guy:

Eyeball and adjust. Or in culinary terms "Season to taste and experience."

We were warned often enough about the perils of "total paralysis through over-analysis" :ph34r:


Still, this regression bizzo has me intrigued :unsure: and I'll check it out. Can let you know if I find something useful.

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Yes indeed Arty, I have always kept it simple (something to do with the amount of brain cells I was allocated) as one can over do the TA thingo.


Happy to hear of your findings re Raff.


I should add that when I draw channel trend lines to me they don't have to be exact, some will say it has to touch each trough or peak exactly to make it valid. Mine are often more an approximation of the trend and sometimes a trough will be below the trend line but most will hit (or near enough) and the same for the peaks.

TA and the market are never precise, so one couldn't expect any channel that a stock trends in to be exact...sometimes they can be a little sloppy.



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Hi Guy's ,

Here's the weekly forget the Rafft it's just a life boat Here's the Andrews...lol

Note the break of Upper Andrews into new Weekly Andrews..may come off a tad daily but overall trend has broken out and up..imo



PPS Note Ind's more to go...



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  • 2 weeks later...
I actually thought it would have taken longer to hit target, however with iron ore stocks on happy pills it got there a tad quicker :)

A retrace now perhaps or will market and iron stocks continue on drugs?


How quickly things change when markets wobble.


So yes a "retrace" away from upper channel trend line but due to sentiment it has pulled back to lower channel again(near enough)...another go for my trading parcel? Yes please as of this morn! If markets wobble harder then I would be looking for 50c as another potential entry.

I believe the GM when well and all were happy and content with how things are progressing :)

A 10c franked cap return coming too.


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A 10c franked cap return coming too.
I must have missed that; can't find it in any of the recent announcements.

Could you tell us when it was announced and what the ex and pay dates might be?

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