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Looks like termilone is a long way from analysis as to being effective or commercially viable.


At the moment, trials as a barrier to termites does not even protect for 7 days, so unless they can come up with a rate that will provide even half a years protection, and a costing, I would not be very hopeful of the future of this product, or of BPOs ability to bring to and market before shareholders are unwilling to support the company on any further necessary cap raising, especially as directors show no support at these raisings.

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Buy 1.1c, sell 1.2c. A slow death spiral continuing. If they can raise further cash, at what price will it be at to entice investors. You can be certain that the price will follow. Looks like the SLA investment will sink with it.
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Wow. On first read of announcement it seems that there will be quite a fight between BPO and SLA.


However, on further reading maybe it is BPO's way of coming to a re-negotiation of the Agreement.


Hard to believe there might be problems with ownership of patents/licensing.


BPO is not really in a financial position to be fighting via the courts.


Wouldn't mind a read of the Agreement.

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