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WSA is on fire.

UP 17% now on new nickel find near flying fox.

Where to from here??

A good close will cement a good start for tomorrow.

See how much of this rise id DT and how much is the real thing.

I hope its the real thing and DT stay away.




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hi guys..


nice action today..


although one should be cautious, not sure what may happen over the next few days.


(wsa) should get some good press coverage tonight and tomorrow.


longterm this is shaping up pretty good..


click on chart below for better view..



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I have this hunch that WSA may retrace its good increase from yesterday. Did stands at closing price from yesterday and if previous announcements are any indication it usually goes down after a previous good rise.

I hope i am wrong on this occasion as i am hoping for much better SP than there is today.

Lets wait and see.

Has anyone got any views on this stock????????????





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Hi Fisher1,

yes i agree it does tend to go down after an anouncement, has dropped a little but still are buying in. This stock has had so many positive anouncements in the past and this is just another one, sentiment is good in the sector but this stock does not get much attention on the anouncments that come out maybe this time investors/traders can see quiet a bit of up side in it hope so i do hold cheers http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif

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WSA = Going into a pool of sharks in feeding frenzy & expecting to come out with fish for dinner!

What is the DJ & AO doing? Are we seing only a minor short term corrections in both indexes? Will it hold together only for the US/AU elections; then what? WSA's SP is dead set dependent on economic fundamentals being sound.


I would like second opinions before going fishing with sharks again.

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