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Little birdy,(actually it was a very large overweight birdy), just told me that WSA has commenced discussions with potential project financiers.

Would not expect responses for some weeks ,but you never know. (More than likely have to rebuild a concentrator onsite as the Lionore plant is a bit distant and has other priorities, and Kambalda is way too far IMO- this will keep some consulting mining engineers happy for a while!)


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Where to you think this rally is going to end as far as a SP??????

I bought at $1.00 and is starting to look pretty at $1.18. Around the $1.50 mark is not out of the question over the next week or so if Nickel prices hold.

Anyone have any thought on the matter??????????





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Well i would like to see it get to $1.25 with sentiment coming back into Nickle and the $ below $.70 things do look attractive for wsa sp we need some outside interest in the stock i think to get to levels above $1.25 given its a explorer and at this stage not a producer of Nickle above this price we need some announcements i think http://www.ShareScene.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif










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