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In reply to: brett68 on Tuesday 15/01/08 01:12pm

Hi brett,


To be honest with you, I have no idea why the shareprice keeps going down and have been buying a few more a week ago thinking I had a bargain.


Well lets see how far the manage to sell this one down and I will have to add a couple more if it goes even lower.


Still the company is just what you say, the next JBM imho, so I do not feel too bad being part of it, even if this means that I am sitting on loss right now.


The future is very bright for WSA imho.


good luck



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Hi jojo,


set a couple of orders low down and ended up getting more

- the ol average down isn't as bad as it's made out (he says as it tanks to 4.00 today http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/blink.gifhttp://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/biggrin.gif )


- if they reach their 150,000t of Ni resource at FF by end 2008 like they reckon (and this seems likely as they are almost there now and the way they keep churning out the explo success 150,000 could be even sooner)

- throw in the shallow Spotted Quoll which I'm hopeful for after 4 from 4 drill assays producing high grades (JBM's Cosmos maybe?)

- also throw in Diggers (ala JBM's Anom-1 which they should've had a crack at given the Ni price) and DayBreak/New Morning

- even the Canadian stuff is very promising

- produce it all at quick rates (targeting 30-40ktpa Ni by 2011 which seems lofty, but hey they say that in their presos and they know more than me)


then fundamentals should show support somewhere soon (and my dodgy charting skills suggest long term uptrend support is somewhere here also)


- IMHO Ni will have a medium term base of around 20,000/t (pig iron marginal cost) which for a high grade/low cost producer like WSA will leave plenty of cream (most of the analysts suggest long term Ni at around a couple of thousand higher so hope they're right)

- also hope they snap up some experienced JBM guys from up the road if they happen to want a new job soon


lastly, the market will be whispering about takeovers if the Ni producers (IGO,SMY,MCR and WSA) go much further south - always good for SP support


sorry about the ramble - just put it here to remind myself why I bought when the SP capitulates over the next month http://www.sharescene.com/html/emoticons/stun.gif

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In reply to: henrietta on Friday 18/01/08 06:10pm

Hi guys,


Very interesting to see that we are still in tradinghalt for a second day.


Monday should tell us what is going on.


Some rumours mention outstanding drilling results from Spotted Quoll , well I have to say that unless they have hit the motherload, I can see no reason to put WSA in such a long halt for this.


So my opinion is still a corporate play of some kind.


It has to be postive news otherwise the directors would not have been buying.


In the meantime not a bad thing to be in tradinghalt looking at todays panick selling on the ASX.


Good luck guys and lets hope that next week will bring us some good news.



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