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IN REPLY TO A POST BY cable-guy, Mon 09/02/04 12:32pm   [READ POST]

ipo was 50 cents, owned some at 38c and sold them at 43, they have equiv to 32c per share cash in the bank , just quite illquid , but noticed a big trade go thru about a week ago, that might have cleared out some of the overhang (also alot of shares in escrow for 2 years

Hi cable guy - 32c cash ??? From memory - didn't the Dec report say $27M cash on hand ... 50m shares - 54c/share??? Understand trials / staff cost etc - so burn rate. Clarify the 32c if you don't mind.



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IN REPLY TO A POST BY andy20020, Wed 17/03/04 07:27am

price action looks good, hopefully some positive results in their Q statement in april, understand june is the big month as it is the conclusion of phase 2 of the bronchiitol , for treating bronchitis and smoking related deseases.


also Aridol completes phase 3 trails

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