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Gold in AUD


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The 147 percent jump in ocean-transport prices is evidence that China's $580 billion stimulus plan will lift raw materials, said Ihab Salib, who oversees $3 billion at Federated Investments Inc. in Pittsburgh. That would benefit countries exporting them, so Salib is "actively trading" Norway's krone and """"""Australian and Canadian dollars,"""""""" nicknamed Aussies and loonies.



Relavence is: Demand for AUD's will soon rise (caused by China---- indicated bythe BDI) consequenced by a weaker AUD gold price resulting in a weaker GOLD.AX----but this is some way ahead----Look forward not backwards???

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I like that idea, cooma ;)

That would bring another target into play: AU$1,750 per oz? Sounds credible, and would definitely help our export industry. We might even be able to afford lower commodity prices in USD terms :B):


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I reckon we will hit over 2k per ounce in the next 24 months no problems, might even go as high as 10K per ounce, but that I do not want to see as that means the world is in a hyperinflationary depression and I don't think anybody wants to see that.


Then again, it might initiate some sort of revolution and we end up outsourcing our Govt over to Bangalore. :lol:

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