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$950 - Opinions?


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I am a simple person who believed that economics of and the running of the economy was far too complex for me to even begin to understand and would never comment on such matters for fear of showing my ignorance, now it seems to me that it is really quite simple. The government having access to some of the best economists in the country have come up with a plan that is so simple that even I can understand. Absolutely brilliant plan and all the economists seem to agree, we are so lucky to have these simple politicians running this great country at this time.
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"As an example :we should be the world leading country in solar and we're not."


Totally agree onefineday


Using the 42 billion we could convert 10-11% of all Australian households to grid connected solar power.


Become the world leader in Solar power usage

Meet all of our "carbon" targets

Kick start the "Green" industry (which would have long term effects)

Keep the building sector going (someone has to install them)

Drop the base load demand by 10% and hence fix all the power supply issues


Want to spread the wealth ?

Match dollar for dollar thenÃÆâ€â„¢ÃƒÆ’ƒâہ¡ÃƒÆ’‚¢ÃƒÆ’¢Ã¢Ã¢Ã¢Ã¢â€š¬Ã…¡Ãƒâ€šÃ‚¬ÃƒÆ’…¡Ãƒâہ¡ÃƒÆ’‚¬ÃƒÆ’â€Å¡Ãƒƒâہ¡ÃƒÆ’‚¦ we would then convert 21-22% of all Australian households to solar power.


Don't like power, we all know water is a issue in this country, $42 billion on water based infrastructure would go a long way in trying to fix the issue.


We need to start thinking outside the box and not token handouts that may help now but after a month or two are simply forgotten in the big picture.




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Being in the cleaning game , they could spend some money on their home. I have no doubt pre xmas stimulas package lead to a busier than usual January for me anyway. Suggestions, have windows cleaned have exterior of home pressure cleaned and paint work patched up or drive way pressure cleaned or get a local cleaner in to spring clean home.Then I can get my first flat screen TV. With thanks to the Aussie Government , Stimulas package just in time it's been very quiet the last week.
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I am amazed how many people are totally against this hand out. I am as well.


The governments around the globe have misunderstood or don't know one vital fact:


When money is borrowed, unless it is for investment, the actual cost of the purchase is more than the item is infact worth. This means you are paying for a depreciating item which will still require being paid for in the future, then limiting your future finances.


This is my major reason for disagreeing with the handout. As a country we have already blown the surplus. So your now going to plunge us into debt, only to be paid back sometime in the future.


Any individual worthy of breathing knows that this means taxes will be higher than neccessary to recoup this money. Excess taxes are a brake on the economy and slow it down. Taxes to slow the economy versus interest rates is nasty.


Taxes effect everyone. Unlike those who borrow too much.


I was on holiday this week, and spent considerable time listening to the senate. This handout, and package as a whole, will put each tax payer in $10,000 of government debt. I finished paying off a $10,000 personal loan a while back, and gee it was nice to be debt free...Not now thanks K.Rudd.


True economists, not those who like their ugly faces on the tele, true economists now generally agree that bailouts, handouts dont work in the long term. They just extend the downside timeline, reducing confidence even further.


So I get $900 from the gov't...Im meant to spend it on a tele or other stuff....and I can pay back my $10,000 over the next (estimated) 20 years.


Awesome! So proud of my government right now....We were all told that our economy wasn't flash prior to the last election. Mr Costello was criticized for saying there were storm clouds on the horizon....Look at us now.....sinking fast....The comment was 'they'll stuff our economy', by hell they are well on the way.


This government has seriously jepodized the entire future of Australia. Yours kids future is fading fast.


We are yet to see a bank go under in Australia. Most Aussies don't care as their deposits are covered by the federal guarantee.......Can you seriously imagine the damage that will do to the Australian dollar???? We would loose our buying power.....Our cost of living would be blown out of the water.......


So we face a government asking to be allowed to borrow $200 billion, along with a liability on the banks of $600-$700 billion dollars. I have never been so frightened about Australia's future.

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Mags you are either a true Liberal, or at worse misinformed


It annoys me when I hear people say that "Labor have blown the surplus". I don't really hug any side of politics, but did you know the Liberals own plan 'blows the surplus' as well? People have lost jobs as the subprime crisis has dragged on. This has dragged down tax receipts and increased Centerlink payments. Is the subprime crisis Labor's fault? The resource boom has bust (either temporarily or forever), causing lower company taxes (think the hundreds of millions less of tax BHP is paying this yr compared to last) and job losses. Is the resource bust Labor's fault as well? Come to think of it, Rudd actually warned in the election that the Libs had wasted the revenues of the resource boom or something along those lines.


Politically, the Liberals know they are on a winner with the "Labor = debt" scare campaign. It is an easy message to convey to simpletons who don't understand economics.

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Good Comment Suti! Moreover, The libs want to cut taxes but, as the economy takes off who would be in favour of raising taxes inorder to regain revenue? Not many voters. The speed with which the world economy has sunk/is sinking requires extremely urgent action simply to maintain demand/the economic activity required to go forward and avoid recession. The banks are not lending despite being bailed out o'seas and being guaranteed here in OZ so the handout will take effect through the Muliplier. Its about time people consign Milton Friedman to the trash can and realise Deficit is not a dirty word. It is sound economics to balance the budget over the Economic cycle which is Rudds Stated policy. The scare tactics of the Libs is playing politics to an ignorant electorate increasingly so as state education has been run down during the rule of the economic rationalists. Eco 101 ought to be compulsory for anyone who thinks their opinions worthy of airing.


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Any individual worthy of breathing knows that this means taxes will be higher than neccessary to recoup this money. Excess taxes are a brake on the economy and slow it down. Taxes to slow the economy versus interest rates is nasty.


That's one way, increase direct taxes, but that is politically untenable, so let's be sly little scumbags and increase the money supply and as it comes into circulation we have our inflation tax coming into play.



They tax via inflation (indirest tax), at 3:29 mark Congressman Paul states that inflation is a tax - at the 6:43 mark Bernanke is in total agreement that inflation is a tax and they do it by increasing the money supply, you do not get taxed straight away as in normal times a lag of 12 to 18 months exists. (these are not normal times so the lag will be greater)



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