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$950 - Opinions?


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hi adder


working & spending every dollar you ever earned doesn't always qualify someone as the backbone of the country imo. (a little controversial i know).


there will always be people in need of help and i have no issues with helping those people, i do it every day at work.


personally i am a big fan of the reverse mortgage. no need for older members of society to pass on their assets to their sprogs when they have their hands out. this is something that could be underwritten by the feds to ensure no one gets booted out of home but allows that the cost of keeping older people can be self-subsidised in a non-cash way. this doesn't address those without assets but it would free up some cash.

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Hi wolverine,


Thats my biggest beef with this stimulus package and the past one, we're only being encouraged to spend more which got us into this mess in the first place. Most will get spent on overseas produced goods and I fail to see how that will help stop people becoming unemployed. The money being spent on schools is great it will keep people employed and that is where the main emphasis should be and this money will be recirculated as the workers spend it. Hopefully roads and ports etc will get money spent on them in due course so we become a bit more efficient in the long run.


While all this money is being thrown around we need to somehow get our economy less reliant on commodities. We have to look at our strengths and weaknesses and start encouraging industry in those areas we do pretty well. For example we are great at medical innovations and research look at CSL and COH, but when we develop something our smaller companies get screwed by the big overseas pharmas and all the money is earned by them. Why not tip a lazy billion dollars or two and form another commonwealth serum laboratory type company, initially government owned to start it, off but then it could be privatised down the track. Look at all the small companies with great products that cant get off the starting block BTA, VCR, CST, CUV, HTW, UNI etc. Surely it would be better to keep these future profits in Australia. Look at the share prices of COH, CSL, and RMD in this downturn. After all we keep hearing about smart states from the politicians, however very little evidence thereof. We cant keep relying on commodities to provide our export income or the Australian peso will keep heading down and down.



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Hi Fred.

You've hit the nail on the head. (I tried to click you a "Thanks", but the bl@@#^ program decided to reject my mouse again. Maybe it thinks I've reached my quota after it accepted a click for fforest :wacko: )


Politicians have for a long time told us we were the clever country. Maybe they thought we were too clever and had to be dumbed down, so we'd be more easily conned into buying stuff we don't need; put it on plastic if we can't afford it; believe the BS they feed us instead of thinking how little sense it makes ...

Fact is, the more money consumers waste and the less people save and think before they spend their cash, the faster the Tax Till is ticking over and the more cash our pollies can sponge off into their and their consultants' perks and Super "entitlements".


Who then wants to invest in the future? They want to be re-elected in three years' time - that's all that matters! That's why GST was introduced, so the ATO can, for the first time, take one tenth off everybody's expenditure: every child, unemployed, invalid, and pensioner is penalised for everything they spend - be it books, staying in touch (transport, communications), shelter...


Enough ranting - you and I knowing better doesn't make much difference to the mess "we had to have". :sadsmiley02:

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What got us into this mess in the first place? Too much debt, so what is the government going to do? It's going to put the whole country into more debt!!! What a bunch of educated morons! They would rather spend $3 billion on pink bats than spend a cent on the hospital system and aged care. Hospitals in New South Wales are a disgrace, suppliers are unpaid for weeks and months, and in some cases doctors and nurses have even purchased bandages and equipment from local veterinarians because they couldn't get them through the normal channels. Whatever you do don't get sick and end up in hospital in New South Wales. If you do make sure you have someone who can come and look after you.

Ageing baby boomers are going to need a lot better health system than we currently have and this was an opportunity for the government to do something about it.

Kevin and his cronies have no vision or foresight or commonsense for that matter, they remind me of a reincarnated Whitlam government and deserve to be a one term government.

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mind you the hospital system we have is based on administrators running hospitals within budget.


they are not designed as centres for excellence. ie. the more patients you treat with good outcomes the more money you get. strangely this is how small business works and seems to be successful.



the NSW system works on the basis the more patients you treat the more it costs so hospitals try to fob patients to other hospitals to save money. check most hospitals, they are hardly full. of course, casualty is usually packed with cold & flu patients though.

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Hate it. There's nothing to show it will be cash well spent. We know what $42b will buy in terms of healthcare, education, etc. But we don't know exactly what it will buy, for the nation as a whole, if they're given out as mass cash handouts. Show me hard evidence that it will save a few hundred thousand jobs, because at the moment it looks like the money will mostly be saved, and what's spent will only have temporary, passing benefits for the economy.
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This isn't the time or the place for party politics. Both sides of politics make their fair share of mistakes, and Kruddy timed his run badly.

I just wish we didn't have to rely on politicians to get us out of this mess. To my mind, we have seen simply awful responses from the USA, UK, and now here in Australia.

Spending on infrastructure is fine, but it will take a little while to work through ( at least I hope so , or we'll be fixing up half-baked ideas for years to come).


So the pollies have a problem ........ what to do in the short term. Probably the best thing to do is nothing, let the system suffer for a while, and get long-term projects set up correctly. The trouble is that pollies want to be seen as decision -makers, and that means making decisions, even when it is neither necessary nor wise.


The free-wheeling capitalists and bankers (wankers?) got us into this mess, aided and abetted by compliant politicians. It's no good blaming one side of politics because they are both to blame.


The party in power now has a really big problem to deal with. They will be judged by their decisions , and so far the decisions have been a mixed bag at best.


Our problem is that we depend on our government to make decisions, and those decisions are made by politicians.


Let us pray.




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