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I'm surprised you haven't posted on this thread yet, Plastic? Possibly because it duplicates the SS.com?


Yep. Thats exactly right.


Thanks for the link. I reckon there is an awful lot more going on than what we are being told.


Firstly, the cost of the Biojoule ethanol is actually a loss maker. It is the by-products that provide the value and profit. Secondly, the financial backers of them is a big secret. Nobody wants to say who it is. The question was asked at the AGM to the Chairman and he looked down at his papers and fudged it by saying something about Biojoule being a private company so can't say.


My guess is its Branson money amongst others.


The other thing that people are missing are the moves Brierley is making. He is in to sugar big time now and has recently popped up on the CSR registry. CSR have a very good ethanol project based on sugar and are one of the countrys power houses in that department.


Too much to say about it really but this is one to watch and a good portal to view it from is the price of Capstone on the NASDAQ. Ex-Fletcher Energy and is alternative energy. I expect BJL will end up in there.

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